Gallery: Fribourg, Switzerland


One of our favorite cities to travel to in Switzerland, Fribourg is the capital city in the Canton of Fribourg on the Swiss plateau — about 20 miles Southwest of Bern. Located along the Saane/Sarine River, this city is comprised of French, German, Spanish and Italian descendents communing together in a melting pot that is evident in Fribourg’s culture, arts, language, music and cuisine.

Fribourg -- Map

The majority of the city stretches out along the plateau above the River Saane, with the Old City taking its perch on the highest hill overlooking the river. The slopes of the river valley are dotted with thick wooded areas and rolling green grass hills, which attracts tourists and photographers looking to take in the beauty of the region, as well as outdoorsmen, hikers, bicyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts.


The History of Fribourg Switzerland

Founded in the year 1157 A.D., Fribourg was originally built on the hill of a peninsula cut from an extreme bend in the Saane River, as it offered fortification and defense for the peoples in the area. In Fact, the name Fribourg comes from the German term of (Fri) Free (Bourg) Fort. The city was actually sold the the Habsburg Family in 1277 which led to the shift away from a regionally-neutral City-State to a more industrious center focused on trade.


The Monastaries and Churches of Fribourg Switzerland

Fribourg has been both a cultural and religious center for Switzerland since its beginning, and is home to some of the most impressive churches and cathedrals in the area — if not the most impressive in Europe. The Franciscan and the Augustinian Monasteries date back to the 13th Century, and are known worldwide for their classically styled architecture. The city of Fribourg is an amazing example of multiculturism, peace and acceptance of religious, as it has remained mostly Catholic since the 1200s — even during the Reformation period when much of Switzerland and Bern were highly protestant.  Subsequent years saw the building of the Capuchin Monastery, Ursuline Monastery, Visitandine Monastery, and the Jesuit College of Saint Michael.

Our Favorite Hotel in Fribourg

Au Parc Hotel — Fribourg


Located just minutes away from Central Fribourg, the Au Parc Hotel is a luxurious and comfortable stay that offers the most amenities of the various hotels and hostels in Fribourg, as well has excellent dining and a great value.

Visit Au Parc Hotel in Fribourg For Yourself:

Au Parc Hotel
Rte de Villars 37, 1700 Fribourg
+41 (0) 26 429 56 56

Take A Guided Tour of Fribourg in the Video Below:

And Check Out Our Best Fribourg Switzerland Photo Gallery Below:

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