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International Bellhop is a worldwide travel magazine, with nearly 10,000 weekly subscribers in a total of 159 different countries, republics, states, principalities and territories. We aim to give the highest quality travel, food and beverage media to the world through our magazine. Our equilateral mission is to bring the quality articles, photos, and magazine styles of old, and bring them to the web without losing any of the style and dynamics that full-color glossy travel magazines from yesteryear had.

Just Like Any *5-Star Hotel, We Have Your Business Trip Covered

Advertising With International Bellhop Travel Magazine |



Do I Qualify to Advertise My Company on

Yes, we do offer advertising opportunities through and all of our affiliated platforms. Though we do offer advertising, all potential advertisement campaigns are subject to review by our advertising department.

We continually work to keep International Bellhop Magazine filled with relevant and quality content and media that will be understood around the world; in order to keep the highest standards in quality, we choose only affiliates whose advertising campaigns on and its subsidiary platforms will work with the flow and style that the magazine has put in place.

We are open to all potential ideas and campaigns, but we do ask that it be a good fit for our site and non-intrusive to readers of International Bellhop Travel Magazine.

Travel ads

 We Offer Custom Advertising Campaigns with an International Audience!

Our team of Bellhops includes our design, marketing, accounts departments… We offer our affiliates, advertisers and sponsors concierge-service throughout their entire campaigns — offering insights into how the projected campaign is expected to perform, and monitoring that performance after the initialization of advertising campaigns.

High quality design, and marketing expertise from professionals with a collective 100+ years of marketing knowledge is what you can expect from qualified marketing through International Bellhop.


iBellhop readership -- As of 09-06-14

 What are the Advertising Terms and Conditions for Advertising with International Bellhop?

Terms and conditions vary depending on the project. Again, we offer fully customized campaigns that are very closely monitored for quality and the highest ROI that can be achieved. All advertising campaigns can run from 1 month terms to yearly campaign lengths.

While any custom request will be considered, term lengths are generally, as-follows:

  • Single Month
  • 2 month
  • Quarterly (3 Months)
  • 6 Months
  • Semi-Annually (Coincides with Spring and Fall Tax Terms)
  • Annually


Before Advertising with International Bellhop travel Magazine:

  • Consider if your company will truly benefit from the international market… Our readership spans the globe — so we ask that advertisers have a specific need to target the entire world as their audience, or have a local focus that is travel-based.
  • Gather any media related to your prospective campaign and have it ready for the International Bellhop Design Team. All materials that can be provided for  consideration of the campaign are greatly appreciated.
  • Have a clear goal of what you would like your advertising campaign with International Bellhop should achieve… Do you want more calls to your number? More Email bookings for your lodge? Do you want to sell more flat-iron steak at your restaurant in Taipei? With a clear goal in-mind, we can offer our affiliates advertising solutions that aim to meet specific goals, giving business-owners more flexibility and control over their revenue.


I am Ready to Advertise with International Bellhop travel Magazine |

Welcome to the “Home Away from Home” for your business/advertising content! The travel industry is all about luxury and hospitality — as an advertising partner with, you have the Bellhops at your service for any online request you may have. Just like the business center of any five star resort, we offer our business travelers any services they need to strengthen and continue their advertising campaign. These services include — but are not limited to:

  • Website Hosting (Start a New Website)
  • Domain Registration (Buying the Name of Your Website)
  • Website Design (Get a Sleek Style for Your Site)
  • E-Commerce and Online Store Development (It’s Actually Easy and Fun)
  • Content Writing (Get Someone Else to Write and Update your Blog/Site)
  • Webmaster and Retainer Services (Get Someone to Watch Over Your Site)
  • Website Audits (What’s Wrong With My Site? Help!!!)


 We Are Constantly Working Towards a Better State of Media, Better Online Experiences, and the New Form of Effective Advertizing Solutions…
— the Bellhops

Contact Us for an Initial Advertising Inquiry:
From Website Hosting to Design to Online Marketing, International Bellhop is Your Global Marketing Partner:

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