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Welcome To the Chandlery

(Update: 08/17/13) — The iBellhop gift shop is in production and will be available in 1 – 2 months. Thank you for your patients, and we are sure you will be happy with what we have developed.

  • Just as the devices around our site can take you to new articles and destination, our recipes will be interactive (Allowing you to order the ingredients from around the globe).
  • Our gift shop will bring you curios, gifts, products, and collectables from all of the different countries that  we visit.
  • Our shop will offer shopping options for travelers to have their goods and toiletries ordered directly to their hotels, eliminating the need for costly miniatures and airport restrictions.
  • Stateside viewers of this website can access travel gear, and vacation products year-round, and from their own homes.
    Those in remote countries can still have access to home-luxuries that are easily shipped to any region of the world.

The Chandlery Explained:

Nearly 800 Years Ago: Candle-makers and their shops were some of the first municipal-based businesses — meaning, that they were supported by the state (A loosely connected feudal system that was governed by lords and land-owners. As naval conquest and exploration via ships became the world’s fascination, people started to travel the world on ever-growing ships that became the formidable beasts of the seas. Within the bellies of these sea-beasts, were small shops — usually near the entry to the storage decks — that took on the name of “Chandleries.”

As marine travel progressed, and the world saw architectural masterpieces such as The Titanic, The Mauritania, and The Queen Mary, these shops became full decks and were the basis of the first shopping malls and business centers. Many hotels and businesses still offer the same type of stores that replenish your stock of goods and toiletries while traveling, and still honor the tradition by naming them The Chandlery. In-Fact, Vanguard Group — a financial institution with a campus in Scottsdale, Arizona — have a Chandlery that offers their employees basic necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, snacks, gifts, and even gift basket packages that you can send to co-workers or clients, right in the lobby.

In the same fashion that Vanguard offers Chandlery services to its business community, we offer the same resource to our readers.

Full Store Coming Soon

Shop online and send your  travel supplies to the hotel before you leave,  with a tap on your phone.


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