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Sometimes the best ethnic food you have ever had the pleasure of eating, is found in the most unexpected places. When we were looking for a place to eat in Geneva, Switzerland, we never thought we would encounter the best Portuguese cuisine ever tasted. Atasca do Primo is not only the most delicious Portuguese cuisine outside of Portugal, it is some of the best food we had during our long trip throughout Switzerland and the Alps.


The interior of Atasca do Primo provides a warm feeling, like entering into the home and kitchen of a Portuguese family. The walls are decorated with Iberian art and classical Portuguese styles. As soon as you enter the dining room, you are immediately hit with the wonderful aroma of grilled meats and seafood and assorted spices mingling with the perfume of a freshly opened bottle of wine. Even without the food, this is a place where you will want to sit, relax, and simply take-in the vibe of this classic restaurant.

476976729The Wines of Atasca do Primo

What first sold us on this restaurant was reading the wine list… With a good selection of — only the best — Lusitanian wines (from the Iberian Peninsula), diners at Atasca do Primo start their adventure in taste from  the very first sip. Some of our favorite wines featured are listed below; however, they tend to update wines with every season:

Vintage Horizontal Bar7

White Wines

Gazela, vinho verde

Muralhas de Moncão, vinho verde

Alvarinho Deu La Deu, vinho verde

Red Wines

Quinta da Revolta – 2007

Lua Nova em Vinhas Velhas – 2009

Quinta das Lamelas – 2007

Aneto – 2004

Quinta da Alorna Reserva – 2008

Quinta da Alorna – 2009

Rapadas – 2009

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Dish 3

The Dishes of Atasca do Primo

Portuguese cuisine actually fits in quite nicely in Switzerland, as Switzerland is sort of the melting pot of Greater Western Europe, blending many cultures and languages of the surrounding lands. Portuguese cuisine — and culture — is heavily influenced by the cultures and peoples that have met in the past; blending flavors of Africa and the Middle East from the Moorish Invasion, with tastes of Italy and Spain. The food makes great use of seafood, and the seafood dishes at Atasca do Primo are some of the best examples of the uniqueness of Portuguese dishes. Some of our favorite dishes include:

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Entrée du Patron
Filet of cod, octopus salad, chorizo, gambas, chick peas and tuna

Pasteis de Bacalhau
Cod Cakes – Fried to Golden Brown Perfection

Dourada na Telha
The Golden tile (tomatoes, smoked bacon, sausage and potatoes)

Faux-filet de Boeuf dans la tuile
False-fillet of beef in the tile (potatoes in dress of fields and vegetables served in a roof tile)

Mélange de Coquillages aux Oignons
Mixture of shellfish and onions (clams, cockles and vénus – Catches of the Day)

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Whole Pig

The Whole Roast Suckling Pig

For a real adventure, try out Atasca do Primo’s whole roasted suckling pig. While they try and keep this on the menu at all times, it is such a popular dish that locals and travelers alike storm the restaurant for a chance to try this delicious dish. Highly recommended, and you can contact the restaurant in-advance to ensure that this dish will be offered.

Check Out The Delicious Video of Atasca Do Primo Below:

Visit Atasca do Primo For Yourself:

Atasca do Primo
+41 22 840 06 06
5, rue Pierres du Niton
1207 Genève

Click the Banner Below to Visit the Website
(NOTE: Website is a mix of Portuguese and French, there is currently no English site)

Atasca do Primo Website Banner

And Check Out Our Atasca Do Primo Photo Gallery Below:

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