Seaside Town of Herceg Novi in Montenegro


Signifying “new castle” in English, Herceg Novi, Montenegro is situated at the foot of Mount Orjen and meets the Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic Sea.

Herceg Novi -- Map

The area is home to lush biological diversity with many rare species that add to the uniqueness of this coastal city. From warm sunny days to long stretches of beach, a friendly culture and a charming Old City, Herceg Novi is a traveler’s paradise.


History of Herceg Novi

Having been conquered, during the course of its history, by many different nations from throughout Europe, such as Spain, France and Turkey, Herceg Novi is an eclectic mix of cultural influences. Although Herceg Novi is the cultural and administrative center of the area, it is most appreciated for its relaxed, slow pace, and warm, welcoming atmosphere.


As you walk through the narrow, winding cobblestone streets of Old City, you’ll find the famous clock tower. Built in the 19th century, the clock commemorates the founding of Herceg Novi and stands at the city’s exit.


Fortresses and Ruins of Herceg Novi

The four main fortresses speak to the military history of the city and its need for protection. Today these stone structures give Herceg Novi its Old World charm and the promenades are the perfect place for a stroll.


As you walk through Old City, you’ll notice the abundance of monuments and churches telling the story of the area and highlighting the diversity of architectural and cultural influence that is the hallmark of this town. Stop by one of the city’s numerous cafes or pop into a local shop.


Beaches of Herceg Novi

One of Herceg Novi’s main attractions is the miles and miles of beach that comprise the area. With over 200 days of sunshine per year, and an inviting Mediterranean climate, a few days at the beach is the quintessential way to enjoy this destination spot. Grab a beach chair at one of the public beaches along the bay, or take a boat to some of the areas more exotic beach spots for a day in the sun.


When travelers have had enough of the beach, the mountains await! From hiking, to mountain climbing, canyoning, rappelling, and white water rafting, the adventure traveler will not run out of exciting outdoor activities to do on and around Mount Orjen.


Due to the abundance of mineral water and clays in the area, both with healing properties, Herceg Novi is also a natural, spa-like health retreat. Both the water and clay are said to aid a variety of conditions and health concerns. Spread the clay over the body and then rinse off in the mineral pools.


Lodging in Herceg Novi

With its prime location along the bay, Herceg Novi is home to a variety of upscale resorts and hotels to enhance one’s stay in the area and please the discerning taste of the luxury traveler.

Hotel Casa Del Mare

The Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare offers spacious rooms with balconies and stunning views. Spend the day at the beach, which is just a few steps from the hotel, or let the staff help you book a day trip to explore the area.

Check Out Hotel Case Del Mare For Yourself:

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The Hotel Perla, adjacent to the bay, boasts an extensive buffet, comfortable rooms and a relaxing, stress free environment. Take the morning boat to visit some of the more secluded beaches or stay put and enjoy the hotel’s amenities and first class service.

Check Out The Hotel Perla For Yourself:

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Dining in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi’s location on the bay means outstanding seafood is on the menu. Local specialties also include sheep and goat’s milk cheeses, olives, lemons, and smoked ham, as well as a selection of local wines and brandies. There are no shortage of open-air bars, restaurants and cafes to enjoy a good meal or Italian coffee, pass the time, watch people and enjoy the views.

Tri Lipe, a favorite among tourists and locals alike, is a cozy restaurant nestled under a cover of trees and featuring fresh vegetables, seafood and meats, as well as an array of pastas to introduce the traveler to the local cuisine. Splendido and Oro di Terra also rank highly among travelers for their fresh seafood and warm, inviting atmosphere.


While Herceg Novi has much to offer the traveler, it does not attract the crowds that tend to characterize other beachfront Mediterranean cities. That means that visitors to the area avoid the heavy tourist masses, while enjoying a truly delightful city, with no shortage of luxurious amenities and fun activities for adventure and comfort travelers alike.

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