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The third largest city in the Netherlands, as well as the country’s political and administrative center, The Hague welcomes visitors from all over the world to take part in its international flair, multinational business scene, rich culture and stunning architecture. Split into eight main districts, the city is a stylish mix of history and modernity with something for everyone.

With just over a half a million inhabitants, The Hague is a cultural hub – home to more than 100 nationalities, and a bastion of international hospitality. While deeply rooted in Dutch cultural tradition, the city has a universal appeal and reputation for friendliness that make it a favorite among expats, as well as tourists and travelers of all types.

Worldwide, The Hague is known as the city of peace and justice, and has even been dubbed “the judicial capital of the world.” Serving as home to the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, The Hague is a major center for the United Nations. It is also home to 150 international organizations, making the city a global headquarters for international affairs and business.

Sightseeing in The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague is a city rich with history and culture, but also scenic views and fascinating architecture. Among the many things to do and see around The Hague, the Mauritshuis Museum ranks highly among travelers looking to get a taste of the Dutch Masters. Car lovers will gladly get lost among the world’s most extensive and exotic auto collection at the Louwman Museum. For a more modern collection of art, plus exciting architecture, check out the Museum Beelden aan Zee.

The Hague is a beautiful city that is best toured on foot or bike, so travelers can explore the unique modern buildings and glorious historic stone edifices, including The Binnenhof – an enormous ancient castle complex on the banks of the Hofvijver lake that now serves as the main government building.

Visitors to The Hague are struck by the modern, innovative nature of this cosmopolitan city, combined with an eco-friendly city plan that prioritizes nature. After a day of shopping or site seeing, grab a bench in a plaza or stroll through the Japanese Garden to refresh your senses. Located in Clingendael Park, this beautiful and unique garden was declared a national monument in 2001, and is distinguished as the nation’s oldest at over a century.

Nightlife in the Hague, Netherlands

For those that love the nightlife, The Hague does not disappoint. The Hague is replete with cinemas, wine bars, dance performances and live music. For restaurants, cafés, and cocktail bars, there are several squares with good eats and relaxing ambiance, such as Het Plein, which sits just across from The Binnenhof. You can up the energy with live music and dancing at the clubs on the Grote Markt. Or pop over to one of the beach parties or casinos in Scheveningen. The Hague is also home to a variety of cultural and music festivals throughout the year. Such as Parkpop and Zeehelden Festival.

The Hague Shopping

No trip to The Hague is complete without at least a day of shopping. From designer boutiques to trendy shops, The Hague’s shopping districts exhibit the stylish, modern feel of the city while providing hours of entertainment and exciting purchases. With myriad fashion choices available in Hofkwartier and an abundant array of furniture and antiques in Denneweg, as well as the vast upscale shopping options in Centrum, The Hague has some of the Netherlands’ best shopping options. Don’t forget to visit De Passage, Netherlands’ only (and one of the few remaining examples in Europe of) covered street shopping.

Getting Around The Hague

Getting around The Hague is simple with its wide pathways and sidewalks, readily available bikes-for-rent and advanced system of public transportation. Grab a bike to explore a few of the city’s many parks, plazas and green spaces. For further exploration around the city, buy a day pass for the local tram.

The Hague is no stranger to luxury, and travelers seeking an upscale experience will have no trouble encountering the five-star treatment they desire. From a pampered spa experience at the Caesar Fitness Spa and Resort to a night at the casino, travelers will note the palpable prestige, quality and customer service that characterizes this city.

Where to Stay in The Hague

From basic accommodations to renowned luxury hotels, travelers to The Hague will have no trouble finding a great place to sleep. Choose a spot right in the city for easy access to the sites, or enjoy a more coastal experience with a hotel or resort in Scheveningin.

While the bustling city will keep the traveler fully occupied, don’t miss a trip to The Hague’s prized beach locales. Situated on the North Sea, the resort districts of Scheveningen and Kijkduin offer sun, swimming, seafood and long beach strolls. And don’t forget to stop by Schevenigen Pier which boasts a unique architectural complex that juts out over the ocean and has bungee jumping and a restaurant on the upper level.

Dining in The Hague

From small cafes and coffee shops to internationally acclaimed fine dining experiences, The Hague offers a world of tastes designed to delight and intrigue both locals and foreign visitors. The finest restaurants in The Hague, such as the Penthouse Restaurant and Sky Bar and Oker, focus on a fusion cuisine, bringing diners the best the world has to offer.


Restaurant Oker

One of the best restaurants The Hague has to offer is Oker. As a fusion between classic French and everything from Spanish to Pan-Asian to traditional Dutch cuisines, Oker dazzles with adventurous and sumptuous dishes. With a gourmet-centric dinner menu, and a more unpretentious, but equally exciting lunch menu, Oker has something for everyone to enjoy. We particularly liked the Scallops with Coppa di Parma, green asparagus, celeriac and truffle as well as the Pancakes with confit of duck, cucumber, scallion and Hoi Sin sauce. The atmosphere is informal and fun and would serve well for a night out with friends, though it is equally suited for more romantic evenings.







Visit Oker Restaurant for Yourself:

Oker Website Banner

Restaurant Oker
Denneweg 71
2514 CE Den Haag
+31 70 364 5453



Kua Restaurant

Surprising, though it may seem, some of the best fusion-Mexican cuisine to be found in Europe (or anywhere, for that matter) is in The Hague at Kua Restaurant. Serving everything from traditional Mexican fare to more exotic fusion dishes, the authentic Mexican flavors were abundant and masterfully presented. Though they tend to shake up their menu regularly, there were a few staples that did not disappoint, such as the ceviche and the blue-tortilla mole enchiladas. While you may be tempted to ask for the flan, which is beautiful and delicious in its own right, we strongly recommend concluding your meal with the cheesecake con cajeta, a central Mexican variation of dulce de leche. That is, if you still have any room after sampling some of their fantastic tacos.








Visit Kua Restaurant for Yourself:

Kua Website Banner

Kua Restaurant
Torenstraat 77
2513 BP Den Haag
+31 70 737 1335

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