Beautiful Bridges From Around The World

Beautiful bridges photos gallery

Bridges are built to bring two things together. They can bring together people, lands, goods, and even cultures that were once separated by nature. Sometimes these bridges are bridging over mountainous ravines, other times over rushing water. Though they are built with a specific purpose, their beauty is often more valuable than the transportation that they allow. There are so many bridges across the world that have an inherent beauty that is often overlooked by the local peoples, but are appreciated by those that do not get to view them regularly. We want to bring to our readers the most beautiful and interesting bridges that we have found in our travels across the world.

Roman Bridge in Vogorno

Roman Bridge in Vogorno, Switzerland

Sydney Harbour Bridge At Sunrise

Sydney Harbour Bridge — Sydney, Australia

The New Bridge Ronda Spain

The New Bridge — Ronda, Spain

Bridge in Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An Bridge — Hoi An, Vietnam

Lover Bridge and Harbour in Tamsui, Taiwan

Lover Bridge — Tamsui, Taiwan

Sisteron Bridge, France

Sisteron Bridge — Sisteron, France

Sacred bridge Shinkyo, Japan

The Sacred bridge — Shinkyo, Japan

Isfahan Bridge

Isfahan Bridge — Isfahan, Iran

Colombia, Las Lajas Monastary Bridge

 Las Lajas Monastary Bridge — Colombia

Sathorn bridge, Thailand

Sathorn Bridge — Bangkok, Thailand

And As A Bonus:
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