Gallery: The Mountain Oasis of Chebika, Tunisia

Mountain oasis Chebika at border of Sahara, Tunisia, Africa

Located in the Tozeur Governance of Tunisia, the mountain oasis of Chebika is an amazingly beautiful paradise located at the foot of the Djebel el Negueb Mountains. Often called “Qasr el-Shams,” the Arabic phrase for “Castle of the Sun,” the location truly is a castle or a fortress against the harsh elements of the surrounding desert.

Chebika Oasis Map

People have been flocking to this oasis for thousands of years; it was once used by Roman soldiers as an African outpost that they called “Ad Speculum,” or “to the mirror.” You can still see ruins of the ancient buildings that were originally built and have since crumbled under time and the elements.

Tunisia- Oasis Chebika

In more recent times it was a refuge for the Berber peoples, though today it is mostly frequented by tourists, though the village of Chebika Commune is adjacent to the world famous falls, pools and streams.

mountain oasis Chebika in Sahara desert, Tunisia

If the terrain looks a bit familiar, you have probably seen this oasis and the surrounding desert in some of your favorite films. From the picture below, you can see that this was obviously the filming location for the first half of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. That’s right, this is where Obi Wan Kenobi was living at the beginning of the movie. The location of the oasis was also used in other films including “The English Patient.”


If you ever get the chance to visit this magical desert oasis, you will be blown away at how nature can place such an awe-inspiringly beautiful spot in such a dry and desolate desert. If you can’t make it to Tunisia anytime soon, we have all of the best photos of the Chebika Oasis below:

Check Out All of Our Best Chebika Oasis Photos Below:

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