Dining: The Stylish La Fragata Restaurante in Panama

Entrance Frigata

Offering a bold menu that incorporates international flavors with local ingredients, La Fragata is a Panamanian bar and restaurant that not only brings diners five-star dishes, but offers a stylish atmosphere and a unique dining experience.

La Fragata Panama

“Only the best for our customers”

Located in Panama City Panama, “La Fragata” is one of the most interesting high-class dining experiences that a traveler can find while meandering through the city’s streets. A local favorite since 1985. Meaning “Warship,” or a “heavy boat;” “La Fragata” was originally founded by Spanish engineer Felipe Oliet, who wanted the restaurant to exemplify his personal and professional mission of: “Only the best for our customers.” Nearly 30 years later, La Fragata is still providing their endeared customers only the best local ingredients, perfect dishes, and local Panamanian hospitality.

La Fragata Panama City Map

A Unique Panamanian Dining Experience

While the food is daring and unique in-itself, the true experience of dining at La Fragata comes in the elegant ambiance of the restaurants interior and exteriors. Modeled after a true “frigate,” or seafaring vessel, the restaurant exemplifies Panama’s roots as a largely-fishing based economy, while showcasing the inviting culture of the Panamanian culture. Restaurant guests are invited to “come aboard” La Fragata and enjoy a voyage exploring the culinary bests that the region has to offer.

The concept — created by international hospitality interior designers: “Sara Battelli and Partners” — truly brings out the overall characteristic of the restaurant, while still exemplifying the luxury and high-standards that La Fragata has been recognized-for worldwide. To get an Idea of the amount of detail that went into bringing the idea to life, check out the La Fragata Interior Design Gallery below:

“La Fragata” Interior/Exterior Design Gallery:

Interior Design by Sara Battelli and Partners:

Sara Batelli and Partners Hospitality Interior Design

“La Fragata” Panama Menu

The diversity of La Fragata’s menu may come as a surprise to first time diners. Chef’s at La Fragata are constantly pushing the envelope and bringing both traditional favorites, and cutting-edge culinary experimentation to residents and travelers to Panama City

La Fragata Drinks

Not to be missed or impugned are drinks at La Fragata… Offering a selection of top-shelf rums, tequilas, vodkas and gins, La Fragata offers liquors for the discerning drinker, as well as a variety of mixed drinks, cocktails, beers and famous sangria.

A Few of Our Favorite Featured Dishes Include:

“Salmón a las finas hierbas y tomate seco”
(Salmon with herbs and sun dried tomato)

“Ensalada mediterránea de atún fresco y anchoas del cantábrico”
(Mediterranean salad of fresh tuna and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea)

“Costillas de cerdo asadas a baja temperatura con salsa barbacoa casera y papas panadera”
(Grilled pork ribs at low temperature with BBQ sauce and homemade baking potatoes)

Check Out Our Gallery of the Featured Dishes From La Fragata Restaurant Below:

Go On A Culinary Voyage with “La Fragata” for Yourself:

La Fragata restaurant wants to welcome new customers traveling from around the world. Get your reservation today, and sail away to the magical land of Panama in Central America…


Ave Samuel Lewis con calle 59 y 60, Obarrio, Cuidad de Panamá
(507) 269 2827
11:59 AM – 11:59 PM Monday to Saturday


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