Gallery: The Republic of San Marino

San Marino Photo Gallery

A landlocked Republic, The Republic of San Marino is its own country — surrounded on all sides by Greater Italy. Claiming to be the oldest living Republic in the world, San Marino’s political system is based of “Leges Statutae Republicae Sancti Marini,” a set of books written in the 16th Century.

San Marino flag

With a population of only around 30,000, San Marino only takes up about 24 square miles and is the least populous member of the Council of Europe. San Marino itself is not too exciting of a place to live and work, but its beauty and ancient architecture makes it the perfect travel destination. Many the old towns date back to when the community was first founded in 301 A.D. ; with this many examples of medieval towns and architecture in such close proximity to each-other, one can spend a lot of time simply roaming the countryside or going from town to town.

San Marino

Check Out the Video Below for Stunning Aerial Views of San Marino and an Introduction to the Culture:

And Check Out Our Beautiful Republic of San Marino Photo Gallery Below:

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15 responses to “Gallery: The Republic of San Marino

  1. Ive been to San Marino and it is one of the places i have never forgotten ..Intriguing, beautiful & awe inspiring…A must see.. on any visit to Italy.

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