Gallery: French Riviera and Provence

Provence Vacations France

Usually, we don’t feature more than one destination in a single article, but this is a bit different, as the two destinations that we are exploring are two regions of France, and are literally connected to each other as neighbors and partners in providing the essential French vacation experience. The French Riviera and the region of Provence are both delightful destinations that we just had to share with out readers to offer a glimpse at what it is like to have a five day vacation starting along the coast of the French Riviera, and working inland towards Provence. Enjoy this little vacation!

French Riviera Vacation

seaside restaurant at beach in French Riviera

seaside restaurant at beach in French Riviera

The French Riviera is much as you would expect it to be: a seaside paradise with the most elegant resorts, finest French cuisine, and the occasional celebrity or business mogul walking along the old brick streets. There is so much more that the French Riviera has to offer, besides just exquisite shopping, Mediterranean sailing, and a glamorous nightlife. The spanning coastline along the French Riviera has the ritzy cities of Nice and Cannes, but also is dotted with small fishing villages and rustic communities; in these smaller villages you can find some of the freshest and truly authentic French and Italian dishes you will ever have.

When staying in the French Riviera, it is perfectly fine to stay at the luxurious resorts and five-star lodgings, but you must remember that this is where the richest people in the world spend their vacations as well, so expect some high rates at the downtown hotels, resorts, etc. The best option that we have found for this is by getting French Riviera vacation rentals just outside of the most famous towns like Saint-Tropez. These vacation rentals come in both apartment and family vacation home rentals, and are affordable enough to allow anyone to have an elegant French Riviera Vacation, just like the stars, millionaires, and royal families.

Provence, France Vacation

Vacation rental in Provence, France

Vacation rental in Provence, France

While Technically the French Riviera is a Portion of Provence, the French Riviera makes up the coastline — or Côte d’Azur — while the interior lands are commonly referred to as “Provence.” This may seem a little confusing at first, but once you arrive and see the two landscapes for yourself, you’ll realize that the two are completely different — yet equally beautiful — worlds. The mountainous terrain of Provence is guided by its rivers, which wriggle and stretch all across the countryside, cut valleys, and carry snow melt across Southern France. All throughout the valleys and hills are quaint villages, and some of the most impressive natural views in all of France. The Rhone Valley — from its namesake river — is by-far our favorite Provence vacation destination, however we really like staying out in the country a bit more. It is quiet, and harkens back to a simpler time.

Again, just as vacation home rentals or vacation apartment rentals are the more affordable lodging options, the same is true for Provence. However, Provence does not have the density of hotels and resorts that the French Riviera has, and lodging options may be few and far between in the more rural areas. This is why we always recommend checking into Provence vacation homes and vacation rentals first, and using the lodges and hotels as a last “resort.” In the countryside of Provence, having the comfort of a full home or an apartment during your trip, will lead to a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation overall.

Watch This Tourism Video on Provence to get a Feel For The Region

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