Summer Grilling 2013: 4th of July Favorites

july 4 Summer Grilling Gallery Photos --

Today is 4th of July in America, and the air smells sweet and wonderful. Grilled onions, mesquite coals starting to smoke, hickory chips melding with a smoked chicken. All of these savory aromas are filling the skies in the United States, as we speak…

The 4th of July is a gigantic festival that takes over a great majority of the Northwest Hemisphere on this one special day. All of the aromas, and festivities, and fireworks, and brotherhood are not just closed to America… They should be shared all around the free world, so that everyone can enjoy in the festivities.

Enjoy the 4th of July with us, through our gallery of our grilled favorites for the 4th.

We have more galleries and celebration happening on Facebook too. Visit us at: --  Facebook --| SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW THE GRILLING PHOTO GALLERY |

Enjoy our Summer Grilling 4th of July Gallery:

19 responses to “Summer Grilling 2013: 4th of July Favorites

  1. I missed the 4th of July festivities again this year while I was traveling. Your post reminded me that I need to be in the good ole USA next year so I don’t miss out on all the fireworks, fun and good food!

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