Destination: Lake Lugano in Switzerland and Italy

Lake Lugano Travel and Photos

Located on the border between Switzerland and Italy, Lake Lugano is a glacial lake between Lake Maggiore in Switzerland and Lake Como in Italy. While all three lakes are located in the high Alps, Lake Lugano has the unique character of being in both Italy and Switzerland, bringing two cultures and countries together in one magical destination for alpine skiing, boating, recreation, or just a relaxing stay.

Lugano Map

Lake Lugano is one of our favorite romantic destinations, as the crystal waters, snow-capped mountains, and alpine forests are conducive to romance. Everything from the twilight dinner cruises, romantic boat rides, and fine dining to the cozy lodging options will set the scene for lovers to enjoy a relaxing vacation in one of the most beautiful spots in Europe — if not the world.

Lugano Dining

Dining in Lake Lugano:

The regional cuisine of Lake Lugano is considered Ticinese Cuisine. The style of food is closely related to the cooking style of Lombardi, and while the bistros and restaurants will all have their own spin on dishes, many of the dishes blend Swiss, Italian, and German Cooking styles and flavors.

Lake Lugano Mountain Biking

Recreation in Lake Lugano:

Mountain Biking — The hills and mountains surrounding Lake Lugano are filled with over 300 Kilometers of well maintained bike trails. If off road biking is not for you, the various cities around the lake are all connected with pathways and roads that you can bike on. Take your bike and see all of the wondrous cities on the banks of the lake.

Golfing — Only a few minutes from Lugano — near Agno Airport — the Lugano Golf Club is a top destination for golfing tourists. Given its many water obstacles, the course is situated in beautiful landscapes, but is considered to be a very difficult and demanding course.

Casinos and Gaming — Gaming and casinos are legal around some parts of Lake Lugano. In the area there is both the Casino Lugano, and the Casino Campione D’Italia.

Check Out This Video That Shows The Sightseeing on Lake Lugano:

And Check Out This Travel Video That Shows More Of Lake Lugano, As Well As Lake Como and Lake Maggiore:

And Enjoy All of the Best Photos From Our Lake Lugano Photo Gallery:

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14 responses to “Destination: Lake Lugano in Switzerland and Italy

  1. Oh, I went there for just one day many years ago. What I remember most is all the beautiful flowers hanging from all the lamp posts. And I still have the Swiss Army Knife I bought there! Thanks for the memories.

  2. I’ve been there 2 years ago and stayed for 4 days. It was really beautiful place. Taking a boat tour on the lake is amazing, you will have all the lake view and see houses on the mountains passing by… Fantastic!!!

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