Feature: Vacationing On Achensee Lake in Tirol, Austria


A gorgeous landscape in both winter and summer, Lake Achen in Austria — known as Achensee locally — offers recreation and adventure as well as relaxation and modern comforts.

Achensee -- Map

With crystal-clear and nearly drinking-water quality waters, Lake Achen is a natural lake formed by glacial and snow runoff in the State of Tirol in Austria. The largest lake in Austria, it has long been a vacation destination for Europeans in every season. An alpine lake, the lake’s temperatures stay rather cold all year long, rarely spiking above 68 Degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperatures don’t shun away daring adventurers, however, with the lake playing host to watersports and swimmers in even the coldest months.

472620528The Achen Valley

While the lake is the center-point of the area, the entire Achen Valley is a playground filled with gorgeous sights, hiking trails, and parks. There are a total of 5 towns on or near the lake, and these towns are very much geared towards the tourism industry, with luxurious hotels, premier shopping districts, and fine dining. The towns — Achenkirch, Maurach, Pertisau, Steinberg am Rofan, and Wiesing — all are charming and offer unique sightseeing opportunities.

126845735Lake Achen Activities and Recreation

There are plenty of activities in the Achen Valley, enough to fill even a 10+ day vacation. From boating and hiking to golf and wellness spas, there is always something to do and places to explore on Lake Achen.


Cross-Country Skiing

The relatively flat areas alongside the lake offer miles of great cross-country skiing opportunities. The Karwendel Valley cross country skiing course offer good signage and trails for beginners to advanced skiers.


Hiking in the Achen Valley

There are many trails for hiking in the Achen Valley from Achenkirch at the northernmost part of the lake to Maurach at the southern tip. There are rolling hills alongside the lake for easy and short hikes, while the more adventuresome can scalle the mountains to their high summits. Campsites are also available at various points in the valley for overnight hikes and for those that want to spend a night beneath the clear night skies in the valley.

Das Kronthaler

Lodging at Achensee

Das Kronthaler

While there are plenty of lodging and hotel options on all sides of Lake Achen, our favorite place to stay is definitely Das Kronthaler. Offering luxurious rooms as well as chalets, Das Kronthaler is a village in itself, offering rooms, restaurants, shopping and wellness spas all located on the property.

Das Kronthaler2

Das Kronthaler in Winter

Das Kronthaler3

Luxurious, Warm and Comfortable

Take A Quick Tour of Das Kronthaler Resort for Yourself in the Video Below:

Visit Das  Kronthaler For Yourself:

Am Waldweg 105a | 6215 Achenkirch | Achensee | Tirol | Österreich
Tel.: +43 (0) 5246 6389 | Fax: +43 (0) 5246 638965 | E-Mail:

See More of Lake Achen and the Achen VAlley in the Video Tour Below:

And Check Out Our Lake Achen Photo Gallery Below:


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