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Often called the “Little Paris of Ukraine,” Lviv is a city in Western Ukraine that is world famous for its beautiful architecture, magnificent churches, and its culture that is highly devoted to music and the arts. Considered by many to be highly westernized — for a former member of the Soviet Union — Lviv is a great destination for travelers who are looking to explore deeper into Eastern Europe and the formerly soviet countries.

Lviv  map

Sharing a Western border with Poland, Ukraine and Poland have been deeply intertwined for centuries. Since the 12th century, the borders of both Ukraine and Poland have been constantly shifting during a steady procession of wars, including World War II, which ended with Ukraine becoming a part of the Soviet Union — leaving it behind the iron curtain and cutting its beauty off from much of the world until only recently.


The Architecture of Lviv Ukraine

By far the biggest draw to the City of Lviv is the magnificent architecture that you will find throughout the city. Here you can see examples from many of the great periods in art and architecture including buildings in the Gothic Style, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Vienna Secession, and even Art Deco Styles. The most extravagant of buildings include the Opera House of Lviv and the many churches and cathedrals that appear all throughout the city.


Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth

Though this spectacularly designed building was originally built as a Roman Catholic Church, today it still performs services under the Greek Catholic Church denomination — as that is one of the more popular faiths in modern day Ukraine. The building was damaged by bombings during WWII in 1939, and sat as a warehouse during the communist years, but returned to service as a place of worship after the fall of the Soviet Union.


The Dominican Church of Lviv

A former Roman Catholic Church built by the Dominican Order, the Dominican Church spans as far back as the 13th Century when it was originally erected as part to a castle and fortification. The interior of the church is a wonderful example of Roman Catholic art and design. Though the building has been destroyed many times, the latest incarnation of the edifice was originally built 1745.


St. George’s Cathedral

Built in the Baroque-Rococo Style, St. George’s Cathedral was built from 1744-1760, St. George’s Cathedral — like many other formerly Roman Catholic Churches in Lviv — is today home to Greek Catholic masses. It was originally designed by architect Bernard Meretin and has very detailed and ornate sculptures and interiors.

The Best Dining in Lviv Ukraine


Mons Pius Restaurant in Lviv Ukraine

By far, our favorite place to dine in Lviv, Ukraine has to be Mons Pius. The dark ambiance and rich wood interiors of the restaurant are inviting, the beer and wine selection and prices are phenomenal, and the dishes served here are masterfully prepared and presented. If you are staying in Lviv, make sure you make a reservation for dinner at the Mons Pius… you will not regret it.

Mons Pius Dishes:





Visit Mons Pius in Lviv Ukraine for Yourself:

Lesi Ukrainky 14Lviv

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13 responses to “Gallery: Lviv, Ukraine

  1. Great article!! Two years ago I was lucky enough to spend almost a month touring Ukraine with Miami University from Oxford, Ohio. We spent time in Kiev, Odessa and Lviv. Lviv was amazing. Very European and the food was incredible. I loved the architecture of the many denominations of the churches, This was our home as we also visited the Carpathian mountains. I very much enjoyed my time on the square an in the outdoor markets of Lviv.

  2. What a beautiful post. I’ve always been interested in this city every since reading a book about it about its role in WWII. Incredible to see the streets of a place you’ve only read about. I’d like to have a nice dark brew from the brewery. Thanks for this!

  3. Every street has a story to be told! I fell in love with Lviv at first sight… Lviv’s Theater of Opera and Ballet is stunning 🙂

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