Gallery: Sirmione on the Banks of Lake Garda, Italy


A medieval fortified city and port at the extreme southern banks of Lake Garda in Northern Italy, Sirmione offers a glimpse into the life and cultures of Northern Italy in the centuries-passed. Sirmione is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Lake Garda; with its gorgeous restored lakeside hotels, restaurants serving local cuisine, and the area’s famous thermal baths, Sirmione should be on the top of your list for a perfect summer Italian Vacation.

Sirmione Italy Map

Sirmione’s city center and old town is located on the thin-long Sirmio Peninsula. Here you can tour the ancient fortified port of Sirmione, walk the cobblestone streets highlighted with stone-architecture buildings, or take a speedboat that will will give you a view of the old town while motoring under the stone-arch bridges and waterways of the old town.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda, Italy

The largest lake in all of Italy, Lake Garda is filled with light turquoise-blue waters that are relatively warm throughout nearly the entire year — which is one of the reasons that Lake Garda is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Italians from all over Verona, Brescia, Trentino, and even as far south as Rome. While the lake is dotted with many small lakeside vacation towns (such as Malcesine and Riva del Garda), Sirmione is the most popular, for its nightlife and attractions.


The Scaliger Castle

Dating back to the 13th Century, The Scaliger Castle was originally erected when the Scaliger family took control of Sirmione and erected the castle to defend both their family and possessions from the constant back and forth exchanges of lands in Italy at the time. Today you can take tours of the castle and see all that it has to offer including: the castle prison, the crenelated walls and walkways and the towers — where you can get a great bird-eye view of Greater Sirmione.


As your make your way south from the old town center and the Scaliger Castle, you will pass through the market area and the more recent buildings that have been erected throughout the centuries. Traveling further south — where the peninsula meets the mainland — you will come into the area that now houses Sirmione’s many resorts, including the Sirmione Thermal Spas. These thermal spas come from naturally occurring sulfur springs and are touted to have beneficial qualities that include healing of ailments.

Hotel Sirmione

The Palace Hotel Villa Cortine in Sirmione

By-far our favorite resort to stay in while visiting Sirmione, the Villa Cortine. Opening in 1953 — and considered a 5-star hotel from the very first day — the Villa Cortine offers everything that a traveler to Lake Garda could as for including: access to the private thermal spa, exquisite dining, and access to the Villa Cortine Park — a large natural garden filled with lush trees and plants as well as statues and sculptures.

Villa Cortine Lounge

The Villa Cortine Lounge

The Villa Cortine Gardens

The Villa Cortine Gardens

Dining at Villa Cortine

Dining at Villa Cortine

Lakeside Relaxation at Villa Cortine

Lakeside Relaxation at Villa Cortine

Villa Cortine Palace Hotel is a surreal and magnificent 5-star resort that will capture your heart and dreams. If you are planning a trip to Sirmione, make your reservations at the Villa Cortine Palace Hotel to ensure that you travels to Sirmione will be the trip of a lifetime, and you will have memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit Villa Cortine Palace Hotel For Yourself:

Villa Cortine Palace Hotel
Viale C. Gennari, 2, 25019
Sirmione BS, Italy
+39 030 990 5890

Villa Cortine Banner

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