Gallery: Bond Falls, Michigan, U.S.A.


Bond falls are a set of natural waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the extreme north of the United States, just outside of Paulding, Michigan. The falls are created as the waters of the Ontonagon River cascade over a 50 foot ledge of shattered rock on its way to the Bond Falls flowage (reservoir).

Bond Falls -- Map

The falls are locatedย  in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan — the northern mass of land that is separated from the mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula by Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. The falls are located in what is known as the Bond Falls Scenic Site, which incorporates the wilderness around the falls and the Ontonagon River. Easily accesible from the U.S. State Route 45, the area is a draw to local Michigan natives, weekend travelers from Wisconsin just to the south, and travelers from all over the U.S. and the world.

Fishing Around Bond Falls

Bond Falls Brook Trout

Both the Bond Falls Flowage (Reservoir) and the Ontonagon River are a major draw for fisherman, with both being stocked regularly with Brook Trout. While the Eastern Brook Trout is not indigenous to the area, and is often farmed and stocked into the waterways, this species in non-invasive to the area and makes for great fishing throughout most of the year.

Picnicking Near Bond Falls

Picnicking Near Bond Falls

One of our favorite attributes of Bond Falls is just how open this beautifully scenic area is to visitors. Refurbished in 2003, the main parking lot to Bond Falls, the surrounding campsites, and the trails have all been upgraded and are more inviting than ever. At the top of the falls lies a large picnic spot that invites visitors to sprawl out and have a light lunch with a gorgeous view before setting out on the trails or setting up camp in the several campground areas that are relatively close to the falls themselves.

The Bond Falls Themselves and the Scenic Area surrounding the falls is a great destination for families, hikers, campers and nature lovers of all ages. With the recent renovations, the falls are extremely accessible, and touring the area or hiking the trails is not intense. Consider making Bond Falls your next destination in the Northern Midwest United States.

Check Out The Beautiful Timelapse Video of the Bond Falls Below:

And Check Out Our Best Bond Falls Photo Gallery Below:

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