Gallery: The Beautiful City of Porto, Portugal


Located along the Duoro River in the Northern part of Portugal, Porto is the second largest city in the country, and home to 1.4 million people. The historical centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a large draw for tourists from all over the world.

Porto -- Map

The Northern portion of Portugal is heavily industrialized, and Porto is the country’s leader in business and economics, being home to both the Portugal Stock Exchange. Porto’s location on the Duoro River is what originally made the city the business district for much of the country, with its ports exporting goods out to the Atlantic Ocean and all over the world.

The Wines of Porto, Portugal


Porto is well recognized for its high quality food goods that it exports including olive oil, dry fruit and nuts, but the wines produced and bottled in the region are by far the most popular product of Porto. Today, visitors can still visit the wine cellars along the River Duoro that for many years have held the nation’s best wines before being shipped via the river to the world.

Wine cellars of Porto, Portugal

The Wine Cellars Along the Duoro River

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The World Famous Dom Luis I Bridge of Porto, Portugal

Dom Luis I Bridge, Porto

An impressive elevated bridge built from 1881 to 1886, the bridge is actually two bridges, with railway cars and rail transports crossing the river at the high level from hill to hill, while the lower bridge is open to pedestrians and spans from the Northern bank of the Duoro River to the Southern bank.

Check Out This Beautiful Video of Porto Portugal:

Our Favorite Restaurant in Porto, Portugal:


Restaurante Escondidinho


Open since 1931, Restuarante Escondidinho is one of the best restaurants in all of Portugal, and has been winning awards and praise from the highest sources for over 80 years. Focusing on a return to the luxury and charm of the past, the restaurant has a 5 star atmosphere and creates delicious and traditional Portuguese dishes as well. The restaurant is the most sought-after dining experience in Porto, and a favorite of the elite and the famous. You can often see European movie stars and dignitaries sitting in the restaurant and dining just a table away.

Best Restaurant in Porto Portugal


The Best Portuguese Dishes From Restaurante Escondidinho:

Seafood is quite common in Portuguese cuisine, and Restaurante Escondidinho does it to perfection, offering dishes featuring lobster, shrimp (prawns) and bacalau, as well as savory meat dishes such as filet mignon. All of the dishes are spot-on and delicious, if you have a chance to dine in this exquisite restaurant, it will be the meal of a lifetime. Our Favorite Dishes Include:

Tripas à Moda do Porto

Tripas à Moda do Porto

Tornedó à Escondidinho

Tornedó à Escondidinho

Espetada de Gambas

Espetada de Gambas

Batatas Salteadas

Batatas Salteadas

Espetada de Lulas com Gambas

Espetada de Lulas com Gambas

Lagosta Gratinada

Lagosta Gratinada

Cataplana Royal

Cataplana Royal

And For Dessert…

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Visit Restaurante Escondidinho For Yourself:

Restaurante O Escondidinho
Rua de Passos Manuel 142
4000-382 Porto, Portugal

And Check Out Our Best Porto Portugal Photo Gallery Below:

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