Holiday Feature: Christmas Markets of Europe

Christmas in Tallinn -- EstoniaA holiday tradition in Germany and surrounding areas, Christmas takes over many of the most famous European cities and destinations with the many Christmas Markets that are erected in the city centers, everywhere from Dresden to Tallinn. The experience of a European Christmas Market is magical, and surreal… Travel along with us as we browse the many Christmas Markets of Europe…

Christmas markets

Whether shopping for gifts or holiday decorations,  there is no better place to shop than in the many Christmas Markets that arise every winter across Germany, Bavaria, and across Europe. These magical holiday markets pop-up throughout the cities as Christmas approaches; a classical way of Christmas shopping, these markets have everything you need for a perfect Christmas — everything from Stollen Cake to Decorations to Toys!

Christmas market Shopping

Just like a shopping mall, these European Christmas Markets attract a multitude of shoppers and browsers to their goods. Not only is this market used for gift-shopping and decorations, but is a seasonal market for goods, cakes and delicacies that are usually only found in the winter months.

Christmas Snacks

Pastries, Cookies, Stollen Cake and other sweets are the staple of the Christmas Markets…

Take A Quick Tour of Our Favorite European Christmas Markets Below:

Annaberg-Buchholz christmas market

Annaberg-Buchholz Christmas Market — Germany

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Magdeburg christmas market

Magdeburg Christmas Market — Germany

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Innsbruck christmas market

Innsbruck Christmas Market — Austria

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Christmas in Tallinn -- Estonia

Christmas in Tallinn — Estonia

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Christmas market in Frankfurt

Christmas Market in Frankfurt — Germany

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Christmas fair in Stockholm, Sweden

Christmas fair in Stockholm, Sweden

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Christmas Market Augsburg — Germany

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Kufstein christmas market

Kufstein Christmas Market — Austria

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Riga, Latvia — Christmas Market

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Not only are these markets used as a gathering place for goods to be bought and sold, but they are used as a community gathering place; in-which many can share the spirit of Christmas. Every year, the Christmas markets return with their goods and goodies, and that signifies the beginning of Christmas on so many European towns.

See Our Full European Christmas Gallery Below:

Merry Christmas
And A Happy New Year!

27 responses to “Holiday Feature: Christmas Markets of Europe

  1. I spent last Friday in Riga and went past their Christmas market, but did not walk around it. I have been to a couple of Christmas markets in Vienna and I must say, for some reason, I do not like them much.

  2. Looking at these pics feels like home! Thank you very much for this wonderful post! Have you heard about the Schlesischer Christkindelmarkt zu Goerlitz? Goerlitz is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and its Christmas market is breathtaking! Definitely worth a visit! 🙂 BTW, thank you very much for liking my recent post “Tutorial with Free Pattern: Felt Sandwich Bread” and for following me. I am following you back now! Thanks again and best wishes,

  3. I loved this hop through different European markets at Christmastime! I wish I could pick a favourite market, but they are all so lovely! I hope you had a very merry Christmas this year!

  4. A European Christmas is a dream for me. I’m starting my travel agent training in a couple of days so hopefully I can make it come true, not just for me, but for other people as well!

  5. Love this post. I live in Nuremberg which is considered one of the best Christmas markets in the world. I wish the markets didn’t have to shut on the 24th of December as I miss not having to cook as you can wander down to the markets and feast on all the Bavarian specialties. Thanks again for a great read, it definitely made me nostalgic that’s for sure

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