Room Service: Delicious and Cheesy Swiss Raclette


Raclette — much like fondue — is a melted cheese that is poured over a variety of cured meats, vegetables, and especially potatoes. Deliciously cheesy, raclette are a indigenous-to and commonly eaten in Switzerland, and a favorite snack all over the Swiss Alps and other cold climates in the area due to the fact that they are warm and gooey.


What is a Swiss Raclette?

Basically, it is simply melted cheese; cheese (most often “raclette cheese,” but others can be used) is warmed to melted perfection and then drizzled over a number of different items and finger foods. The most popular pairings with raclette are gherkins (pickled cucumbers), potatoes, cured meats such as salami, bacon, sausage, potatoes, green onions, bread, or anything that you want to enjoy with melted cheese.


How To Make A Swiss Raclette?

Traditionally, the Swiss would simply take a large block of cheese and simply put it very close to an open fire. When the cheese closest to the fire became melted and gooey, one would take a knife and scrape the melted cheese off of the un-melted portion of the cheese block onto vegetables and meats. Today, most people who enjoy raclette use raclette grills that have a grill top to allow you to cook vegetables and meats while the cheese gets melted in small raclette pans below. Click below to purchase your own raclette grill:

Check Out The Video Below to See How Traditional Raclette is Made:

And Check Out Our Best Raclette Photo Gallery Below:

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34 responses to “Room Service: Delicious and Cheesy Swiss Raclette

  1. I love raclette! It’s quite popular here in France. And as the weather’s getting chilly, it’ll be time to start eating the hearty dishes again! Like raclette…or another good one is tartiflette!

  2. I love my Raclette!! It is great for entertaining or family dinners. The only negative is that I can only use it in the winter here in the South as it does put out some heat. Be prepared to open windows if it gets too hot!

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