Featurette: Epupa Waterfalls in Angola and Namibia

Epupa Falls

The Epupa Waterfalls are a jaw-dropping set of waterfalls on the border of Namibia and Angola on the Continent of Africa. Also referred to as the “Monte Negro Falls,” these falls are shallow cascades formed as the Kunene River flows its way through the Kaokoland area of the Kunene Region.

epupa map

The drops of the waterfalls are not spectacularly tall, rather the river makes a series of falls throughout its 1.5 kilometer journey, with the largest of the falls coming in just shy of 40 meters — a short distance when compared to other falls in Africa and throughout the world. Because of the rugged terrain surrounding the waterfalls, travel to the actual falls is quite difficult and requires a 4X4 vehicle to gain access — so our advice is to go with one of the many trusted tour guides.

Boabab Trees

Because the area surrounding Epupa Falls is so rugged and untouched, it is home to a great many of indigenous plants and fish species, as well as home to lush fig trees and makalani palm trees. The most interesting fauna found in the area is the boabab tree. A bit odd looking, the massive trunks are designed to hold large amounts of water — just like a cactus and other succulents — with a small burst of tiny finger-like branches… hence the name “Adansonia Digitata” — “Digits.”


The rocks that the falls flow over are almost as beautiful themselves, sporting wild colors and veins. You can see the famous rock formation (Above), is very popular with travelers to the falls, as it looks like a dragon drinking from the Kunene River.

Watch The Video Below of a Camera Drone Flying Over the Area and Along the Falls:

Drone Namibia July 2014 from alexis@pktprod.fr on Vimeo.

 And Check Out Our Best Epupa Waterfalls Photo Gallery Below:

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  1. Love that gallery of pics from Epupa Waterfalls! Splendid photography and one of the prettiest places in Africa, we suppose. But also thanks for the info on the baobab tree — saw these in South Africa, but weren’t sure what they were called.

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