Destination: The Medieval Town of Motovun, Croatia

Motovun - Croatia

Located in the high hills of the Peninsula of Istria, Croatia — surrounded by thick forests that sweep upward from the Adriatic Sea — Motovun is a medieval fortress city of just 531 residents. Over 1000 years old, the hilltop was once known as “Kastelijer,” and was taken over by Venice in 1278. While being held as a “Territory” of Venice, the city erected its great walls, gates, and ramparts — which are still in-tact today — giving the city its high-walled castle look.

Motovun Croatia Map

With only 531 residents living within the city walls of Motovun, the city is now more of a travel destination in Croatia, rather than a functioning city, though the vineyards along the rolling hills outside the city gates keep the local farming economy going.

Motovun -- St Stephen Church

Parish Church of St. Stephen

Those who love to travel around Europe simply for the impressive, old churches will not want to skip Motovun… Home to impressive works of Christian artwork — including Renaissance-era statues and a stunning painting of “The Last Supper” — the Parish Church of St. Stephen in Motovun, Croatia honors St. Stephen the Martyr.

Motovun - Croatia

The Forest of Motovun

The Forest of Motovun is unlike anywhere else in Croatia, and unlike anywhere else in the world. The forest is fed and watered by the River Mirna, and its soil is so rich, that the subtropical forest seems out of place in its surroundings. This is a good thing for the locals, as it makes for one of the best spots in the world for naturally growing white and black truffles — prized by chefs around the world.

Check Out the Amazing Views of Motovun From A Para-glider:

Motovun from Karol on Vimeo.

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16 responses to “Destination: The Medieval Town of Motovun, Croatia

  1. So beautiful, such a magical town. You really feel like you’re in medieval time when you’re in Motovun. I’m so lucky that I’m born in Croatia… πŸ™‚

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