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It is time again for us to go around the world exploring all the dishes and snacks that countries and cultures have given to the world. Today’s foray into world cuisine features some great dishes and food from United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Colombia, The Netherlands, and India. Enjoy all these dishes, and don’t forget to check out our past articles on world and traditional foods at the bottom of this article…


Baked Rabbit in Cream Sauce — United Kingdom

A baked cream casserole is delicious enough by itself, but the United Kingdom makes a wonderful casserole with rabbit in a garlic cream sauce. The rabbit is quartered into two shoulders, two hind legs, two hind thighs and the saddle and browned in the casserole dish to instantly start a  rich and hearty gravy. Add traditional vegetables and cream and bake. This is a hearty casserole and is very popular in the Northern areas of United Kingdom.

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Full English Breakfast — United Kingdom

Possibly the greatest traditional breakfast in all the world, the Full English Breakfast is a tour of flavors that is guaranteed to wake you up and then leave you full and ready for a nap. Eggs (Sunny Side Up), Baked Beans, Sausages, Blood Sausages, Fried Mushrooms and a seared tomato accompany white toast in this dish. While there is also a Half-English breakfast for those with smaller appetites, we recommend going all the way with the Full English.

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Stollen Cake — Germany

First-off, this is not that awful fruitcake that everyone jokes about and dreads receiving, this is actually a very tasty and sweet snack. Called Weihnachtsstollen or Christstollen when consumed during the Christmas season, stollen cake is a cake that is make with dried fruit and marzipan — at least that is the simplest incarnation of the dish. Since the basic stollen cake recipe is so simple, a host of other ingredients can be added to make different flavors and textures; many actually add rum to the stollen for extra depth and a little bite.

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piroshki, pirozhki

Pirozhki — Russia

One of our favorite dishes to come out of Russia, Pirozhkis are buns that are baked or fried and stuffed with various meats and vegetables. Similar to Indian Samosas, Turkish Manti, or Asian Egg-rolls, this is a staple snack and street food throughout Russia, and one could spend a lifetime tasting all the different family recipes and types of pirozhkis. But of course, we have a favorite….

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Janssons Frestelse — Sweden

Translated to Jansson’s Temptation, this traditional Swedish casserole will tempt your desires. A casserole made of potatoes, onions, pickled-sprats and breadcrumbs in a heavy cream sauce, this is a traditional family meal, and is quite rustic in its simple use of ingredients and baking technique.  Though it is meant to be made vegetarian, we have tried it with meat and it is very good.

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Caldo de Costilla — Colombia

This is a dish that you will see on the family breakfast table often if you are visiting the Andean Mountain regions of Columbia. A fairly humble meal eaten by many poorer families, the dish is not heavily flavored but tasty and satisfying. The dish can be likened to a thin stew, with beef ribs boiled in water with potatoes, onion, garlic and cilantro. Typically you will see this meal eaten as a full breakfast, and is the locally-trusted remedy for bad hangovers. When used as a hangover cure, the dish takes on the name “Levantamuertos” which means “Death Awakers.” Whether you are reeling from a hangover or are just needing a filling breakfast, this dish is not to be missed.


Poffertjes — The Netherlands

Little pillows of deliciousness, Poffertjes are traditional Dutch snacks that are served puffy and warm, most often from street vendors and stands during the colder months. Though usually eaten as they are, some venders may garnish the Poffertjes simply with some powdered sugar, whipped cream, syrup or strawberries. Though the recipe is very simple, they are quite addictive; and though they are usually sold in twos as a very small snack, you might want to order a few more.

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Khaman Dhokla — India

Most popular in the State of Gujarat in India, Khaman Dhokla (Or Simply Khaman) is made from gram flour (Besan) is a fluffy snack bread that is usually eaten with thinly sliced spring onions or chilies. though the dish is fairly bland by itself, the texture is what makes this so good, and it is usually dipped in chili oil. If you get the chance, try this with sliced chilies, as that adds a nice spice and flavor.

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