The Green Lake (Grüner See) of Styria, Austria

Grüner See, Austria

Located near the tiny mountain village of Tragöß, Austria, the Green Lake is a seasonal lake that comes from the collection of snow melt in the large valley between the Karst Mountains. In the winters, the valley is simply a green park with hiking trails, plants and trees and park benches. During the summer, when the winter snows begin to melt, the runnoff from all that melting snow collects in this valley, creating a temporary lake.

The waters of the lake are not green, they are actually crystal clear and some of the cleanest waters anywhere in the world. The Green Lake gets its name from the very green grasses in the park which can be seen perfectly through the clear waters. Depths of the lake vary, depending on the amount of snow the surrounding areas got in the past winter, but the average depth is 2-12 Meters.

Grüner See, Austria

Scuba Diving in the Grüner See of Austria

This lake is actually one of the most sought after destinations for divers and scuba diving enthusiasts. With the waters so crystal clear, and a full park at the bottom of the lake, divers can actually swim the hiking trails, and see the trees and plants that make up the park in a very unique and alien setting. The true thrill is actually getting to go underwater in the park and explore the sights for yourself, so we included the first person diving video below, so that are readers can get the true experience of driving in the Green Lake.

Go Diving in The Green Lake For Yourself In This First Person Diving Video:

2013-05-08 Grüner See from MSE on Vimeo.

And Check Out Out Green Lake (Grüner See), Austria Photo Gallery Below:

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