Dining: More Delicious Food Dishes From Around the World

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One of our most popular sets of articles that we release from time to time has always been our articles on different and delicious food dished from around the world. Today, we are giving you another set of 7 delectable dishes from Brazil, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Serbia, Denmark and Ethiopia. Enjoy, and check out the links to our other delicious world food galleries at the bottom of this article. Bon appétit, travelers!


Feijoada — Brazil

Beans, beef and pork are the stars of this savory dark stew. Coming from Portugal, this dish is more popular in the (Now Former) Portuguese colonies, though the country that embraced this much-loved dish the most was Brazil, where you can find several variations and family recipes. This stew is thick with white beans (Black beans are more commonly used in Brazil), kidney beans, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, and other available vegetables. This dish will leave you full and happy!

Check Out Our Favorite Feijoada Recipe: HERE

Traditional Polish bigos

Bigos — Poland

A traditional “Hunter’s Stew,” it is mostly a hearty and thick, yet unattractive mess of flavor. Made with cabbage, a bit of sauerkraut, whatever cuts of meat the hunter has, tomatoes. honey, and mushrooms; the real flavor comes from how you decide to season the Bigos, with the most popular ingredients being: pepper, juniper berries, bay leave and marjoram — and the secret traditional Polish ingredient: smoked and dried plums. Again, while it is not much to look at, the flavor is powerful and interesting.

Check Out Our Favorite Bigos Recipe: HERE

Homemade chicken schnitzels

Schnitzel — Austria

Behind the funny name is one of the most delicious fried foods in the world: Schnitzel! Basically, you just take your favorite meat, and pound it out flat and thin. Next batter it with egg and bread crumbs, and fry it to perfection with a nice golden brown on each side. Basically this dish came out of the Alpine Region of Europe, and many countries have their own versions of it, but Austrians really love their schnitzel and have some of the tastiest recipes for it in the world. The best part of this dish is how easy it is to make it for yourself!

Check Out Our Favorite Schnitzel Recipe: HERE

Potato zrazy

Potato Zrazy — Ukraine

These Ukrainian minced meat croquettes are pure heaven! The dish is very simple: mince your meat into tine pieces, mix with onion and spices, and brown. Next you cook your potatoes down to where they are basically mashed potatoes, and package the minced meat inside of a mashed potato shell. Brown the outsides of the shell into a nice golden brown, and this heavenly delicacy is ready to enjoy!

Check Out Our Favorite Potato Zrazy Recipe: HERE

Traditional Serbian cevapcici

Cevapcici — Serbia

These little Serbian uncased sausages are a great and filling snack, and often are sold on the streets and markets for lunches and snack times. A trio of ground lamb, ground pork, and ground beef make for the perfect tasting sausage, and can be served with many accompaniments. Wrap these guys up in bacon, or your other favorite salted and cured meat, and you take your Cevapcici to a whole new level of flavor!

Check Out Our Favorite Cevapcici Recipe: HERE


Frikadeller — Denmark

Sure, you’ve heard of Swedish Meatballs, but these Danish Meatballs are just as delicious. They truly are nothing more than a traditional meatball, lightly seasoned and mixed with egg for a binder. The real kicker to these meatballs is the fact that they are pan-fried in pure beef or pork fat, leaving them crispy and with another level of flavor crusted onto the outside. These are a must try, and you will be surprised how many other dishes you can sneak these little meatballs into.

Check Out Our Favorite Frikadeller Recipe: HERE

Injera  wot, traditional Ethiopian Food

Wat with Injera — Ethiopia

While Ethiopia is very well known for its severe hunger problems, the truth of the matter is that Ethiopians make very good and delicious dishes, and they have their own true food culture and cuisine. Wat with Injera is basically a curried meat, heavily spiced, and served with delicious accompaniments. The main flavor comes from making a Bebere Paste, which  combines: onions, garlic, chilies, cumin, Fenugreek seeds, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and a long list of additional seasonings. Spicy and delicious, this is a filling feast fit for a pharaoh!

Check Out Our Favorite Wat with Injera Recipe: HERE

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