Duomo di Milano Cathedral: Milan Italy

Duomo Milan Cathedral Tour

The churches and the cathedrals of Europe are not only religious destinations, but a destination for those who crave ancient architecture and a taste of history. The Duomo di  Milano is definitely the attraction to see if you love the ancient Roman Catholic Architecture in and around Europe.


Construction of the Duomo di Milano

The ground where the cathedral sits has long been a place of worship and the center of life for the people of Milan, Italy. In fact there has been a place of worship built on this site ever since the year 335 A.D.! Though the ancient basilicas and synagogues are long-gone, new construction on the current Duomo di Milano began in 1386 and lasted over 600 years. The time and detail put into this building came from 300+ workers per day sculpting, sanding, and working masonry into the holy figures that adorn the facades and walls. Only in the 20th Century did the final original construction end, and the upkeep began. With that kind of attention, it could last another 600 years…


Completion of the Duomo di Milano

The completion of construction happened in 1805 under a rush, ordered by Napoleon Bonaparte himself. Napoleon had recently conquered Italy and was making preparations to crown himself the King of Italy. For the Coronation, he want the crowning to take place at the Duomo, and wanted everything perfect. With the help of new architect Carlo Pellicani, work sped through and the coronation went perfectly in a — nearly — completed cathedral. Even today a full statue of Napoleon sits high on one of the spires of this gorgeous cathedral.

Today, the Piazza around the Duomo is still the center of life for Milan. Not only is it the physical center of Milan — with streets and roads radiating outward to the farthest reaches of the city — but it is also the cultural center of the city, hosting concerts, lightshowns, festivals and many other events.

Check Out This Beautiful Video of the Piazza Preparing for One of Its Many Concerts:

And Check Out Our Best Duomo di Milano Cathedral Photo Gallery Below:

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25 responses to “Duomo di Milano Cathedral: Milan Italy

  1. Touring, or simply just sitting in the gorgeous cathedrals of Europe used to be a favorite past-time of ours. Thanks for the wonderful photos, and memories.

  2. Wow 600 years?? I wonder how many architects worked on it throughout the years. So many pieces of each era, amazing! Its good to know, in September Im going for the first time to Milan. Now Im curious!! 😃 amazing shots!!!

  3. I haven’t got to Milan, yet, but after seeing your post I know I would love it. Rome I visited last year and enjoyed everything there, the people, the history and the glorious sunshine.
    Thank you for checking out my blog.

  4. Wow! Stunning cathedral and amazing photos. Thanks for following my blog “Exploring the world: photography, travel, art”
    Kind greetings,

  5. A Milan highlight for us was walking on the roof tops of the cathedral. Not only can you see the architectural details up close, but the wonderful views. There were no plans for the design, just a scale model for the architects and builders to follow; this is in the nearby museum. A really lovely city – the free walking tour is recommended.

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