Scuba Adventure: Yucatan Cenotes, Mexico

cenotes cave diving

A “Cenote” is the Spanish word for “Sinkhole,” and the Yucatan Peninsula is filled with them!

The Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula are sinkholes that were formed over millions of years as the leeching of limestone rock took place below the surface of the earth in what is today known as Mexico — specifically the Yucatan Peninsula. A network of caves, some partially submerged by water, the cenotes are a playground for adventure seekers. Navigating the caves takes skill in both freshwater and saltwater diving, scuba, repelling and rock climbing. This adventure is not for the weak-hearted nor the inexperienced, but is an amazing adventure that everyone should be able to experience and see for themselves. Therefore, we at International Bellhop have put together this all-inclusive Yucatan Scuba Adventure of the Yucatan Cenotes. We hope you enjoy it!

– the Bellhops

Yucatan Mexico Cenotes

Go Scuba Diving in the Yucatan Cenotes In This Surreal First-Person Diving Video:

A Deeper Shade of Light – Mexican Cenote Cavern Diving from Joe Stone on Vimeo.

Here Is Another Magical Tour of the Life in the Cenotes:

The Cenotes caverns from Cristina Limonta on Vimeo.

And Check Out Our Diving Gallery Below:

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23 responses to “Scuba Adventure: Yucatan Cenotes, Mexico

  1. Its official,I have to go scuba diving…awesome articles,and those pictures..amazing .makes me want to run rather fly immediately to Mexico to scuba dive at Yucatan,Cenotes.

  2. As a diver and lover of all things tropical, it is never an easy task to capture that environment. All of the video and pictures are spot on and share the vivid colors that are the Cenotes of the Yucatan

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