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Created as a “Resort City” along the Red Sea, El Gouna (The Lagoon) is both a tourist destination — hosting a variety of amenities and activities — and as a retirement community for the ultra-wealthy. Literally a playground for adults, children and families, El Gouna offers fun and relaxation, as well as the remarkable beauty of an oasis in the desert.

El Gouna Egypt Travel Map

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Constructed in 1990 the Resort City was planned by Samih Sawiris and the Orascom Hotels and Development Company — known for the stunning and luxurious hotels and resorts that they develop all around the world. Not only does this city have the modern conveniences of any other city (Hospitals, Businesses, Restaurants, and Markets), but it is seamlessly blended into a resort-style community.

El Gouna Golf

El Gouna Golf

El Gouna hosts multiple award-winning golf courses including the El Gouna Golf Course designed by Gene Bates and Fred Couples and the Ancient Sands Golf Resort, designed by acclaimed golf course architect Karl Litten. Both of these courses are mildly challenging and quite beautiful.

Scuba Diving Red Sea El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna Red Sea Scuba Diving

El Gouna is one of the best destinations around for a real scuba diving adventure. Though you might think that the Red Sea is red and muddy, it is actually quite clear and is a host to many species of colorful fish and coral. This being one of the oldest navigated waterways in the world, scuba divers have a very good chance of stumbling across ancient treasures laying at the bottom of the Red Sea including old pottery, sunken boats and aircraft, as well as ancient settlements that have long-since been covered by the sea.

Top Recreation and Activities in El Gouna, Egypt

Again, this is a Resort City, and everything that you do within the city is mean to be fun and relaxing. Popular activities include, water-sports, kite-surfing, windsurfing, para-sailing, water-skiing, and snorkeling. The town even has its own Football (Soccer) team and stadium, and hosts other teams from around the world.

Check Out This Video of a Flyover of El Gouna:

And Go Scuba Diving in the Red Sea Off El Gouna in this First-Person Video of Scuba Diving:

And Check Out All of the Photos in our Best El Gouna Egypt Photo Gallery:

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