Destination: The Colors of Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg Germany Travel Photo Gallery

Nuremberg, like much of Central Europe, has seen its share of strife in the past, but like any destination that has experienced past tragedies, the City of Nuremberg has rebuilt itself into its former glory, and its true colors are once again shining and beckoning to travelers.

Medieval Castle in Nuremberg Germany

The Town of Nuremberg (often spelled NurnBerg) is a classic town in Bavaria about 100 miles north of Munich. Dating back as far as 1050 A.D in official records, Nuremberg’s history is almost as colorful as the buildings that line the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal that flows through the city. Once known as the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg has long been held as the area’s administrative region — playing host to many important political, economic, religious, and musical gatherings and expos throughout history.

Nurenberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg Christmas Market — Christkindlesmarkt

The Nuremberg Christmas Market is the best reason to try and schedule your Bavarian vacation in the winter months, not only is there great skiing destinations nearby, but the Christmas Market is open for the season, and selling their world famous Bavarian Gingerbread. Though this highly sought after gingerbread is made all throughout Germany during the holidays, Nuremberg Bavarian Gingerbread is said to be the best. Nearly 2 million visitors flock to see this annual event, so plan far in advance.

Nuremberg Bavaria Bratwurst

Nuremberg Bratwurst

Just as the Nuremberg Gingerbread is highly sought after by travelers, Nuremberg’s Bratwurst are also delicious treats that attract hungry visitors to the cities pubs and restaurants. These plump and juicy sausages are shorter and fatter than many of the traditional styles of sausages, and are best served with a cold beer. There are many places to grab a bratwurst and a drink in Nuremberg, but our all-time favorite is from Bratwurst Roslein. This restaurant has been at its location in Nuremberg since 1431, so you know that they are doing things right! Click Below to Visit Bratwurst Roslein:

Bratwurst Roslein Nuremberg Germany

Nuremberg Museums:

Nuremberg has quite a few different museums around the old town and the Nuremberg Metropolitan Area, and cover a wide range of exhibits and attractions. Museums include…

  • Kunsthalle Nürnberg (Art Center With Constantly-Changing Exhibits)
  • House of Albrecht Dürer (Home of the Great German Renaissance Artist)
  • Neues Museum Nürnberg (Modern Art Museum)
  • Nuremberg Toy Museum
  • Nuremberg Transport Museum

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14 responses to “Destination: The Colors of Nuremberg, Germany

  1. I’d really like to make it to Germany this year and it looks like Nuremberg is a must-see destination. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nuremberg is wonderful. Your photos capture it so well. I quite enjoyed visiting Albrecht Dürer’s House. Fairly close to the House there is a quaint craft brewery, Hausbrauerei Altstadthof that I’ve eaten at a couple of times – highly recommend it.

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