Gallery: Magical Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Travel Photo Gallery and Guide

Sedona is very well known and celebrated around the world for its beauty as well as its mystery. Located just two hours north of Arizona’s capital city of Phoenix, this small — yet rapidly growing — town encompasses the greater town of Sedona, the surrounding buttes and desert landscapes, the famed Slide Rock Park, and Oak Creek Canyon, giving a Sedona visitor plenty of options for sightseeing and activities.

Coffee Pot Rock

The Town of Sedona itself is really the base camp for all of the activities and recreation one might plan for a Sedona vacation.Β  Centrally located in the lush green valley underneath the behemoth red and rust buttes, Sedona offers some of the most luxurious bed and breakfasts and resorts in the state, and the local eateries range from frontier food and local barbecue to 5 star French Cuisine and fresh seafood flown-in daily. While Sedona’s town center can offer a traveler any and all of the modern creature comforts they might want, you only have to travel a few miles outside of the downtown area to see the raw and natural beauty of this wild desert landscape.


Bell Rock Butte — Sedona, Arizona

Hiking, biking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor sports tend to be the biggest draw to the Sedona area. Bell Rock is one of the first sights that outdoors-persons would want to visit first, the trails around the butte are filled with gorgeous scenery and fresh air. Locals will attest that Bell Rock doesn’t just attract visitors from all over our world, but from other worlds as well. Many nights of the year, the butte is visited by dancing lights in the sky and hovering orbs that swirl around the rocks, overlooking the imposing rock mountain.


Cathedral Rock Butte — Sedona, Arizona

Like Bell Rock, the Cathedral Rock Butte is another rock edifice that peaks over the Sedona Valley. Follow Oak Creek as it lazily meanders its way around the butte and the red rocks leading out of town and South towards Oak Creek Canyon. In Oak Creek Canyon, the red rock and desert gives way to lush green forests as the trees follow the creek’s southerly flow. This is a top destination for campers from all over Arizona, and is a wonderful 1 night trip, if you have a little extra time in Sedona.

Rock Temples at Sedona Vortex

The Sedona Vortex — Sedona, Arizona

We spoke about the strange lights that are attracted to the red rocks of Sedona before, but that is not the least of the strange occurrences and odd happenings within the area of Sedona. It is said by many mystics, healers, priests, priestesses, gurus, and even scientists that Sedona sits on top of a cosmic vortex. This vortex — though never proven to exist — is said to be a channel of spirits that surpasses time and space, giving the land and waters around Sedona healing properties. Some go as far as to say that simply sitting quietly on a rock over Sedona for a few hours can re-center your spirit and offer the answers to everything you ever wanted to know. While these stories are quite fantasitcal, and stir the imagination, the true magic of Sedona comes from its raw and undisturbed beauty.


The Chapel of the Holy Cross — Sedona, Arizona

The Chapel of the Holy Cross first comes into view as you are driving north into Sedona. The imposing cross structure at the top of the red rocks calls to those passing by, and those of many different religions feel the need to stop by this attraction, pay their respect, and see this architectural marvel on the butte.

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  1. Just love all of the beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing, friend. I’m so glad your travels continue to go well. We are looking to get out to Arizona soon, so this provides awesome insight to planning our vacation! Thanks again

  2. Super post! We drove into Sedona to go to Rollies Camera and with what I saw with a very brief visit makes me want to return. This post makes it a must for next winter.

  3. Arizona really is beautiful. I just took a road trip there from Denver a few weeks ago to attend The Body Love Conference in Tuscon. It was a lovely road trip! Just wish I had had more time to spend there.

  4. Well THANK YOU for taking a peek at my blog today. What a Fantastic post about AZ and Sedona! We are living in Glendale right now as my hubby finish’s meat-cutters school. We have been here since Sept 2013, and we are going to Sedona in a couple weeks, so NOW I’m really excited to go and see all the beautiful places you listed here.

    I’m now a new fan and following you! Just awesome photo’s too.
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