Beautiful Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell Vacation in Barcelona

There are some sights that you see on your travels that stick with you for a lifetime, and constantly beg you for a return visit. One such place that is always begging us for a return visit is the beautiful Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. What began as a planned community — mimicking the garden city fad that began sweeping towns and villages in Great Britain — quickly proved to be a disaster of an idea, and the entire area was called a terrible business move on the part of Count Eusebe Guell, and during its building in the years of 1900-1914, the housing development only attracted 1 single buyer: Antoni Gaudi, the architect of the development.

The City of Barcelona, Spain

The City of Barcelona, Spain

Gaudi has truly left his mark on the city of Barcelona, designing the Sagrada Familia (Pictured Below), amongst many other notable buildings in the city, though the once disastrous Park Guell is by far the most expansive and intrguing of all of Gaudi’s works.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Today, the Park has been converted into a municipal garden allowing residents of the city and visiting travelers walk amongst the lush green grasses, colorful flowers, and even more colorful architecture. The mosaics of tile and materials guide you along the path past such park attractions as the sea serpent statue, crawling down the stairs of the Main Terrace. Other sites in the park to watch for are the Pavilion next to the entrance of the park, and the Gaudi House Museum — which was the house that the architect purchased during the time of the failing housing development.

Check Out This Video That Shows Some of the Finer Details of the Park and the Best of the Architecture:

And Immerse Yourself in Park Guell with Our Best Park Guell Photo Gallery Below:

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  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts of Kat Canfield and commented:
    I love visiting Barcelona!! There are too many places to visit here. I didn’t get to see this park, I wish I had. I am grateful to International Bellhop for these pictures of what I missed. I need to go back again!!!

  2. This is love ♡ I would have wanted to explore this for a whole day when I went to Barcelona last 2007…but we had limited time. Just a few photos and we were off to another place. Great pictures ♡

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