More of the Best Traditional Food Dishes from Around the World

More of the Best Traditional Food Dishes from Around the World

Last November, we took our readers and fellow travelers around the world in-search of the best foods that are traditional in various regions of the planet. That article was so delicious, that our readers ate-it-up and asked for seconds. Therefore, here are “More of the Best Traditional Food Dishes from Around the World.”

Traditional Yaglama Turkish Dish

Yaglama — Turkey

Basically a meat sauce that is layered in-between layers of dough, Yaglama actually means “greasing,” which suggests that the meat sauce should be in very thin layers. Just a quick brushing of the meat sauce, in-between those fluffy layers of leavened bread dough, leaves a strong and rich flavor, while leaving an otherwise-heavy dish fairly light.

Try this dish out for yourself with our favorite Yaglama recipe HERE.


Okroshka Traditional Russian Dish

Okroshka — Russia

This cold Russian soup is simply delightful and fresh. Okroshka is filled with vegetable such as: cucumbers, radishes, and spring onions; and is further flavored with meats such as: beef, veal, sausages, or ham. The “stock,” of the soup is made from Kvass, which is a slightly alcohol type of beer that is made from fermented rye bread. We prefer the type with the Kvass, but if you can’t find it, or don’t like the taste, you can substitute mineral water.

Try this dish out for yourself with our favorite Okroshka recipe HERE.

Asam Laksa Traditional Indonesian Dish

Asam Laksa — Indonesia

A spicy fish soup, his coconut curry soup is both spicy and rich. It is listed at number 7 on World’s 50 most delicious foods complied by CNN, and is even popular with those that do not necessarily like sour fish soups. The dusting of tamarind that this dish gets before serving, really makes the dish with a floral bouquet of fresh tamarind.

Try this dish out for yourself with our favorite Asam Laksa recipe HERE.

Moussaka Traditional Greek Dish

Moussaka — Greece

Sort of like a lasagna, this Mediterranean dish is enjoyed all over Eastern Europe, though most attribute its roots to Greece. Opposing layers of sauteed eggplant,  tomatoes, and minced meat (Lamb or Beef) are slathered with sauce before getting a layer of mashed potatoes on top, with a crispy broiled crust. You may have had this one before in Greek restaurants, though the real stuff is unlike anything else.

Try this dish out for yourself with our favorite Moussaka recipe HERE.

Rogan Josh Traditional Kashmiri Dish

Rogan Josh — Kashimir

Rogan Josh translates roughly to “Intense Butter,” or “Intense Fat.” This is important to realize, as the dish is very heavy and also very aromatic. A heavy stew made of lamb in a thick gravy of browned onions, yogurt, ginger and intense spices, the original recipe omitted onion and garlic (as Hindu and Kashmiri do not eat these), but as the dish spread around the world quickly, it took on the form that we most often see today.

Try this dish out for yourself with our favorite Rogan Josh recipe HERE.

Khanom Chin Traditional Thai Dish

Khanom Chin — Thailand

The noodles are the star of this delicious Thai dish. Made from rice that has fermented for at least 3 days, Khanom Chin noodles are then boiled down into a paste, then turned into noodles by running the paste through a sieve. The sauces and variations on dishes with these noodles are immense, including: fish sauce, green chicken curry, fried prawns, and pork dishes.

 Try this dish out for yourself with our favorite Khanom Chin recipe HERE.

salmorejo cordobes Traditional Andalusian Dish

Salmorejo Cordobes — Andalusia, Spain

This wonderful comfort food is sort of like the Spanish version of tomato soup. Plum tomatoes are blended into a bisque for the base of this delicious soup, and spices and Serrano ham lift the flavor even higher. You’ve never had a tomato soup quite like this, but be careful, once you have tried Salmorejo Cordobes, regular tomato soup simply doesn’t compare anymore.

 Try this dish out for yourself with our favorite Salmorejo Cordobes recipe HERE.

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27 responses to “More of the Best Traditional Food Dishes from Around the World

  1. Oh goodness. I HAD to print them out so I can make them. So many new dishes to try. I love to cook and to try new flavors from around the world.

    • So glad you enjoyed them. Share it around; if this list gets the same attention as the last, we can bring even more of the best traditional food dishes from around the world. Thanks again!

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