Top Skiing Destinations in the World

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As wintertime is beginning to wane, and spring is chugging-along into summertime, we are already dreaming of the next ski season.  If you are a lover of skiing too, learn about these beautiful ski resorts and skiing destinations, and begin planning your next ski trip early…

Les Sybelles, France


On of the most famous and most luxurious of the French Alpine ski resorts, Les Sybelles’ warm and comfortable rooms and haute cuisine are just as alluring as the pristine white slopes.

  • 20 green slopes
  • 40 blue slopes
  • 31 red slopes
  • 5 black slopes
  • 310 km (193 mi) slopes total
  • 2 snowparks

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Located in the valley below the famous Matterhorn Peak in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is an agricultural community and area that became the epicenter for mountaineering, skiing, and vacationing for much of Europe in the mid-nineteenth century. The village itself is pristine, with much character, and is even a tourist attraction that brings visitors during the summer months, when the area is green and flowering.

Check Out The Zermatt Travel Guide Video Below:

Chamonix, France


Laying in the shadow of Mont Blanc, the Chamonix Region of France is world renowned for its skiing, rolling hills, daunting peaks. One of the oldest ski resorts in all of Europe, Chamonix’ beauty and community keeps travelers and skiers coming back year after year. In addition to skiing, the area also attracts those interested in mountain climbing, ice climbging, paragliding, kayaking, and wingsuit flying.

Check Out This Amazing Video of Wingsuit Flying in Chamonix


Bukovel, Ukraine


The largest ski resort in Ukraine, Bukovel allows travelers from all over the world to ski the Carpathian mountains. In 2012, Bukovel was named the most fast growing world ski resort, and was designed in 2000 to be a year-round resort destination — being a ski resort in the Winter, and a mountain retreat in the warmer months.

  • 55 000 m of the ski runs equipped with snow cannons
  • 56 ski runs of various difficulty levels
  • 16 ski-lifts capable of servicing 34700 people an hour

Madonna Di Campiglio, Italy


Annual host of the Alpine Ski World Cup, this resort attracts the masters of the sport, but has runs for every level of difficulty.

This Video Really Captures the Beauty of Madonna Di Campiglio

Avoriaz, France


Not only a highly sought-after destination for skiing, Avoriaz is also home to many other recreational allures including golf and mountain biking. Originally designed by French downhill Olympic champion Jean Vuarnet, these slopes are perfect for families and for skiers who really want to test the limits of their abilities. Our favorite part of Avoriaz — believe it or not — is not the ski slopes, but Aquariaz, the large indoor waterpark in the Village.

Check Out This Video For Aquariaz, an Indoor Waterpark in Avoriaz

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  1. I’m an avid snowboarder so this post already makes me miss winter. Love the descriptions you gave on each, My goal is to try one of these great destinations next season. Thanks for sharing!

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