Destination: Albania

Travel Vacations in Albania

Sitting along the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, and bordering the countries of Montenegro, Greece, and Macedonia, Albania is the perfect destination for the Mediterranean traveler who wants to get off the beaten path, and see a new and unique travel destination. Just 70 kilometers across the Sea from the heel of the Italian boot, the coastline of Albania is awash with warm sandy beaches and sheer cliffs that fall from the Albanian Alps further inland.

Albania Tourism Map

The Albanian Alps

Called “Prokletije,” or the “Cursed Mountains,” the Albanian Alps are technically a part of the Baltic Range of Mountains, and extend from Northern Albania, through Kosovo, and into Southeastern Montenegro. Though called the “Cursed Mountains,” because their jagged and sharp peaks proved to be a curse for ancient travelers traveling through; today, the mountains are a blessing for tourists who want to see pristine and untouched beauty in this hotly contested part of Europe. Mountain Biking in the mountains draws thousands of outdoors-men and women each year, as does the allure of the rugged mountain trails for off road vehicles.

Alpine Highlights:

  • Rugova Canyon
  • Dečani Canyon
  • Gashi Canyon
  • Cemi Canyon
  • Vermosh Valley
  • Valbona Valley
  • Thethi Valley
  • Ropojona Valley
  • Gerbja Valley
  • Buni Jezerce
  • Cemi i Nikçit Valley

Check Out This Video Exploring The Mountains and Alps of Albania:


Ionian Coast Of Albania

The Albanian Riviera

This coastal area of the County of Vlore, is known as the Albanian Riviera. Like the French Riviera, the Turkish Riviera, and the Montenegro Riviera, this coastline is dotted with streams and rivers entering into the Mediterranean Sea. While the Albanian Riviera is known for being a bit drier and hotter than the other Rivieras, the  sharply rising mountains near the coast create micro-climates, meaning that only a few miles inland, you can find yourself in sub-tropical climates, Mediterranean climates, and alpine climates in just a short amount of travel.

Berat, city of a thousand windows

Berat, Albania

Called the “City of A Thousand Windows,” Berat is derived from the Slavic word meaning “White City,” as the buildings are erected out of the same white stone as the mountain it sits on. By-far our favorite place to visit in Albania, Berat is your destination for the true culture and cuisine of Albania. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town (Mangalem district) will transport you back hundreds of years as you view the ancient stone structures that have stood for hundreds of years. The pine forests above the city, and the River Osum, frame the city beautifully against the rolling hills that fade away from the city into the mountains.

North Albanian alps panorama high mountains Tropoja

The Albanian Countryside

No matter where you go in Albania, you are going to see beautiful countryside that is reminiscent of both Montenegro, and Tuscany. Though the villages are quite old, the demographic of the population is very young, with the average age under 30 years old. This means that aside from all of the regal beauty and rich history, you can expect a lot of night live, recreation, dining, and — of course — some Mediterranean partying.

And Explore Albania For Yourself In Our Albania Travel Photo Gallery:

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21 responses to “Destination: Albania

  1. Albania is wonderful.
    Moreover even with very high quality food and cheap prices.I was in the Albanian Riviera and I dream to go back.People are very friendly.Before I went I read more about Albania and many of my friends told me not to go.It is dangerous to go there.When I seen with my eyes I realized how good I had done that I went.I hope that everything remain so, as is tourism.

  2. I really enjoyed this post and photos but most of all I enjoyed watching the wonderful video. I know really well Albania and this is a true representation of it, the landscape wild and colorful with nice and welcoming people everywhere. There aren’t a lot of people who write about this country and you managed to do it in an astonishing way. Very well done!

  3. The people of Albania are so welcoming, absolutely wonderful hospitality.I cycle toured the inland areas of Albania for nearly 3 weeks in 2013 and what a treat the scenery is. Go see this beautiful country before it gets overrun with tourists. It is very safe and as a bonus, cheap eating too.

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