Gallery: Tuscan Travels in Pitigliano, Italy

Pitigliano, Italy Travel Guide

Located in the Italian Province of Grosseto, the town of Pitigliano, Italy is a massive stone record of the the area since the 11th Century A.D.. The town itself is situated on a long cliff just above the treeline, and the ancient buildings were cut directly out of the stone cliff, letting them blend beautifully into the natural scenery. Many of the buildings still standing date back as many as 7 centuries, and still house the same family lines as those who originally built most of the homes. Yes, the real allure of a vacation to Pitigliano, Italy, is simply to see Pitigliano for yourself.

Old Town Pitigliano

Old Town Pitigliano

There are only a few modern hotels directly in the City of Pitigliano, and many of Tuscan style bed and breakfasts as well as family apartments and weekly lodging. Most vacationers to Pitigliano prefer to rent an apartment, vacation home, or a single room in the old town, as wandering around the city and taking in all of the sights makes up the majority of the day’s attractions on a stay in this small yet familial town. Travelers to Pitigliano usually have a very relaxed itinerary, seeing the various sites around the old city, and spending the rest of their time shopping, dining, relaxing, and meandering the cramped streets of Pitagliano.

Check Out This Video on Driving in the Cramped Streets of Pitigliano, Italy:


Ancient Buildings and Sites to See in Pitigliano:

  • The former Cathedral of SS. Pietro e Paolo
  • The church of Santa  Maria
  • The town’s walls and gates, the best preserved of which is the Porta Sovana
  • The remains of a tall and very visible aqueduct at the very top of the butte
  • The Orsini Fortress

Since Seeing Pitigliano is the Best Part of Visiting, Enjoy Our Pitigliano Italy Photo Gallery:

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