Seeing the World Through Beautiful Timelapse Videos

Timelapse Videos of the World

There are always new ways to see the world; even if you have been-to or seen a destination before, seeing it again in a new light can almost be like visiting it again for the first time. Time-lapse videos have been around for several decades, but only recently has this technology advanced so highly that it can be successfully used for filming some of the top travel destinations and vacation destinations in the world.

timelapse Videos from around the world

Timelapse — a media and experimental media company based out of Russia — has been utilizing the latest in technology to give amazing time-lapsed video tours of popular tourist destinations and beautiful places around the world. These videos are so revealing and beautiful, we just had to share them with our readers and bring the spotlight to Timelapse, who are continuing their experiments into these new forms of travel media.

Timelapse Around The World Video Reel

The following video is a compilation of footage from several trips the Timelapse Crew had worked on:

TimeLapse reel (2013) from Sergey Yazvinsky on Vimeo.

Hyperlapse Around The World Video Reel

Hyperlapse in another technology that Timelapse has been working with. This experimental video technique takes the normal time-lapse approach of speeding up large amounts of time to play in a shorter video, but the hyperlapse technique also involves slow movements of the camera itself to add a 5th dimension to the motion and feeling of the videos.

HyperLapse reel (2013) from Sergey Yazvinsky on Vimeo.

And Watch Our Favorite Timelapse Travel Video of Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana – New City from Sergey Yazvinsky on Vimeo.

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Peru Device

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  1. These are really neat videos. I can imagine the time, effort and patience that went into making them.

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