Dining: Turin, Italy’s Chocolate Capital

Chocolate in Turin Italy

The City of Turin, Italy has been noted for many of its most famous local items. Firstly, the Shroud of Turin — the mysterious cloth that some say was covering Jesus Christ in his tomb, and still bears the mark of his face until this day. Another noteworthy accomplishment of the City of Turin is its booming auto industry. Being the home to Fiat Motors — an Italian automaker — Turin is often referred to as the “Detroit of Italy.”

Another locally made product that has been giving worldwide recognition to Turin, is the local chocolates and sweets made by local chocolate artisans. While Turin has long been known for its chocolates, it has only more-recently gained world fame and respect from chocolate peers, and has now been named “Turin: Italy’s Chocolate Capital.”

City of Turin and the Alps

City of Turin and the Alps

It is no surprise that Turin is the Capital of Italian Chocolate… Simply look all around the City of Turin and you will see the Alps. Just behind those mountains lies the other chocolate capitals of Europe including Switzerland and Belgium. with close proximity to the Central European chocolate centers, it is no surprise that centuries-old chocolate-making and pastry secrets came over those alps and settled into the valley.

Turin (Torino), river Po and Ponte Isabella

Turin (Torino), river Po and Ponte Isabella

So where are the best places in Turin to find artisan chocolates, decadent pastries, and rich desserts? Literally all around you. There are dozens of small cafes, bakeries, and dessert shops all throughout the center of the city, in the shopping districts, and along the waterfront of the river that winds through the city. All of these locations will serve the regular coffees, espressos, light pastries and sweets, and will also have some of their own signature chocolate dishes.

Along the Waterfron -- Turin, Italy

Along the Waterfront — Turin, Italy

Delicious chocolates can be found around nearly every corner in Turin. The best way to find these chocolate shops, is to not try and find them. Simply walk around town taking-in the sights, museums, cafes, and restaurants, and the chocolate will come directly to you. Be sure to check out the Annual Chocolate Festival in Turin as well!

Take A Tour of the Chocolate Factory in Turin, Italy:

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40 responses to “Dining: Turin, Italy’s Chocolate Capital


    Those scrumptious chocolate pictures are giving me naughty ideas, I’m trying to eat healthy! That’s one of the most mouthwatering posts I’ve ever read – ciao!

  2. Turin looks absolutely beautiful, and I have such a chocolate obsession, I don’t see a lot of use of chocolate in Italian recipes so I am surprised there is a “chocolate capital” in Italy…but who doesn’t love chocolate? Thanks for sharing, the chocolates look amazing!

  3. hello international bellhops its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i think my dada may be abowt to pass owt in his chair frum lukking at all that delishus chocolat!!! he sez i cannot hav enny tho he is so meen!!! ok bye

  4. I knew it, it’s the Italian in me wanting all this chocolate and yummy food all the time!! Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to seeing all the beautiful places you will share!!!

  5. Beautiful post. Beautiful city. I LOVE, LOVE chocolate. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog recently. I will also be back to check out yours. 🙂

  6. Hi, the pics out here look delicious. Have always thought of Turin as Shroud of Turin kinda place. Thank you for sharing this delicious aspect of the city. And thanks for the follow on my blog. I do think I will be vacationing out here quite regularly 🙂

  7. Wow. I would say thank you for this post…. but those chocolate pics have made me too jealous!

    • Thank you so much for the appreciation! I believe guidogobino.it may refrigerate and send chocolates still. If you have the chance, indulge in them. They taste actually like alcohol, the cocoa is so strong.

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