Photo Gallery: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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History of Buenos Aires

The name of Buenos Aires starts far away from South America and the Western Hemisphere, and has its roots in Sardinia. After the Aragonese conquered the island of Sardinia, they established a fort on the island; this fort was called Buenos Aires (Good Air/Fair Winds), as it was free from the foul-smelling swamps an cities around most of the island. The “good air,” led to the superstition that the fair winds of the fort would guide sailors to their destinations safely. While the original settlers to the land called it Buenos Aires — because the fair winds brought them across the Atlantic Ocean safely — their luck did not stay with them long, and they were wiped out by attacks from natives, eventually abandoning the settlement in 1541.

Modern Buenos Aires Skyline

Modern Buenos Aires

While much of the more recent history of Buenos Aires has been a hotbed of political changes, leaving Buenos Aires an Autonomous city (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires). While this had some negative effects on a few local politicians, the city as a whole benefited generously from this autonomous state, as the city was now allowed to run itself as its own country. Being one of the 20 largest cities in the world, the economy of Buenos Aires is highly self-supporting, allowing the city to put much effort forth towards their travel and hospitality industries. The city’s districts and many historic sites are some of the best preserved in all of South America.

Don’t Miss These Fun Things to Do and See in Buenos Aires:

  • Teatro Colon — Oldest Opera House in Buenos Aires
  • Paseo del Rosedal — Beautiful gardens and park ground for a beautiful stroll.
  • Puerto Madero — Riverfront area with shops, dining, and high-end nightlife.
  • Recoleta District — Some of the best high-end cafes and breakfast spots in town.

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  1. thanks for the amazing photos and they brought back great memories. I could still remember the taste of the delicious steak and roast pork!

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