Room Service: Breakfast For All Travelers

Hotel Room Service Breakfast Menu Gallery

As Bellhops, room service is very important to us… It is the life-blood of the lodging and travel industry. Some, do Room Service better than others; but — when perfect– a delicious breakfast from your hotel, lodging, or chalet can be the subtle difference between good hotel service, and exquisite room service.


For no reason, other than that we want to celebrate breakfast, we present our ode to Room Service Breakfast…

Our Favorite Hotel Breakfast in Poland:

Hotel Haffner in Sopot, Poland

An Elegant Hotel Breakfast Experience In Jakarta, Indonesia?

Satoo Restaurant Shangri-La Jakarta


Indulge In More Room Service:

International Hotels Room Service Guide

17 responses to “Room Service: Breakfast For All Travelers

  1. So appealing! Check out the B&B owned by my son and his wife at Southard House in Enid, Oklahoma. They go out of their way to provide wonderful service and beautifully presented breakfasts and snacks!

  2. I loved the breakfast at the Renaissance Barcelona, Pau Claris location. When traveling as a tourist as opposed to business travel, I really appreciate a good buffet breakfast at the hotel. You don’t know when you’ll have time for your next meal, and it is a really great way to start your day of sightseeing (with a full belly and lots of coffee)!

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