Destination: Riga, Latvia

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Riga, Latvia has a magical way of inviting its guests into the comfortable way of life that Latvians enjoy. Though a very cold destination — Averaging a high of just 49 Degrees for the year — its people are warm, and the City of Riga offers something for everyone.

History of Riga, Latvia

The City of Riga would not be, without the River Daugava. A major trade route for the area since ancient viking times, the peoples inhabiting the river valley quickly became craft manufacturers and deeply embedded themselves as a fishing and farming culture. Crops, fish, and crafts began streaming out of the city’s port, and all around the world.

Modern Riga, Latvia

Today, Riga has developed into an ultra-modern city — though the architecture is reflective of centuries of styles — that is an economic powerhouse of the Baltic States. Tourism is a large attraction for the city, with tourists flocking to stay in the city nearly year-round. Again, it is a very cold climate, but that doesn’t stop the winter tourists from visiting for the Christmas festival, one of Europe’s most famous of Christmas events. Every Christmas the old town of Riga turns into a classic image of 19th Century Christmas town. Lit up with lights, and dusted with snow, Riga attracts families during Christmas time and provides the ultimate Christmas vacation.

Visitor Attractions in Riga, Latvia

There are many attractions to see, when you are staying in Riga. Whether you are looking for arts and entertainment, shopping, or simply sightseeing, there is plenty to  do on a Latvian Vacation to Riga. Highlights include:

  • Latvian National Opera
  • Riga Motor Museum
  • Musee Art Nouveau
  • Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum
  • Nativity of Christ Cathedral
  • The Pilsetas Canals
  • Vermanes Park

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