Gallery: The Best Maldives Travel Photos

Maldives Best Island Photo Gallery

While the name may not seem familiar to many travelers, the photos of the Maldives Islands are unmistakable. Enjoy your trip to the Maldives…

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The collection of islands known officially as the Republic of the Maldives, have been brought visually to much of the world through film, television, and by making some classic appearances in music videos and other forms of entertainment. Simply, the Maldives are such a wondrous location, they emit opulence, beauty, and draw visitors looking for a relaxing and personal stay on a paradise island.

Made up of a chain of atolls, the islands of the Maldives run north and south in an elongated loop, just off the Indian Peninsula. The islands have a long history of being dominated by whichever seafaring nation came across the beautiful archipelago, and wanted to claim it for themselves. Originally, it was the Portuguese that wanted this as their own vacation destination. The Portuguese offered protection to the island, in exchange for the use of the island as they pleased. In the 17th Century, the Dutch briefly gained control, and made it their own paradise. In the 19th Century, the British finally took the islands and again offered protection, for the ability to use it as they please. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that the Maldives finally gained their own independence and could govern themselves. This was an important step for the Maldives, as now the destination was open to vacationers from around the world, regardless of influence.

Today, the islands are still very pristine. The style of hotels, resorts, and attractions in the Maldives is purposefully designed to blend in with the natural beauty of the islands, and business and light industries keep the nation in a fairly self-sustaining state. This is true in most of the Maldives atolls, but not so much in the capital city of Malé.

Male, Republic of Maldives

Male, Republic of Maldives

As you can see from the above aerial view of the Capital city of Malé, there is a bit of crowding. The island has been taken over by the city, with towers and buildings taking up all available space, and sitting right up to the edges of the island itself. Even though this is a bustling metropolis (by small island status), it is not wrought with crime or pollution, and is almost as entertaining a vacation destination as the untouched paradise islands surrounding the capital island.

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22 responses to “Gallery: The Best Maldives Travel Photos

  1. I was lucky enough to stay in an over-water villa when I visited the Maldives a few years back… thanks for bringing back some amazing memories 🙂
    Beautiful photos!

    • Lucky you, have fun 🙂 Personaly, I don’t want another exotic holiday. I aim to live in such place. Screw a holiday. The important is wellbeing. In 1 year I’ll complete post graduate education, biomassage. In next 2 years IT.

  2. I certainly will visit again. I’m following you so I can keep track of any new destinations. I dabble in painting and would love to have a go at some of these beautiful places but I presume the photos have copyright.

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