Discover Andorra: In the Heart of the Pyrenees Mountains

Andorra Europe Travel GuideIn our attempt to bring little-known lands, principalities, and countries to our readers, we often find ourselves delving into some countries that are not necessarily countries, but more of communes, regions, commonwealths. Monaco is a very well known little area of land near the French Riviera that is probably the most famous of these areas, being ruled under a monarchy, but with a constitution in-place for the citizens who live within the borders.

Sant Joan de Caselles (Canillo, Andorra)

Andorra is more of a cultural reserve, than anything. Though it is officially known as the Principality of Andorra, the established government is more of a local government than a global government. Created as a charter in 998 A.D., Andorran tradition tells that the local Andorrans were given this charter by Chalremagne himself (Also known as Charles The Great) for the peoples’ service in fighting against the Moorish Invasion. Today, the Andorrans live simply, and the majority of the economy is generated by tourism. While Andorra has no National Army, the bordering nations of Spain and France are allied protectors of the region.

Andorra is set high in the Pyrenees Mountains, offering a rugged alpine landscape to the green hills and rivers that people typically think of when hearing about Andorra. The countryside can be compared to the French Alps and the Alps in Switzerland and Austria. There are seven Parishes of Andorra: Andorra la Vella, Canillo, Encamp, Escaldes-Engordany, La Massana, Ordino, Sant Julià de Lòria. Each of the Parishes offers its own set of local traditions, culture, and cuisine, but Andorra has a strong sense of nationalism, that keeps all of the Parishes predominately Andorran.

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10 responses to “Discover Andorra: In the Heart of the Pyrenees Mountains

  1. I once saw England play Andorra in a World Cup qualifying match without knowing what or where Andorra was, because we were on a vacation in England and my sons, keen football fans, wanted to see a live game. Thanks for bringing wonderful pix of Andorra. Now I know more.

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