Gallery: Ancient and Modern Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal Travel Photo Gallery

For a traveler coming-in from the Western World, Lisbon is not only the largest city in the westernmost state in Mainland Europe, it is also a gateway into the ancient and historical Olde Europe.

One desire on the top of the list for Western travelers coming to Europe, is to see the ancient sights such as medieval castles, Gothic churches,  and ornate stone megalithic structures that give Europe that established and historic appeal. For travelers that want to see ancient cities and rustic countryside, but still want modern conveniences close at-hand, Lisbon is the best vacation destination that we can recommend.

Let this exclusive Lisbon, Portugal Tourism Guide introduce you to the greatest sights of Lisbon, and then check out our Gallery of Travel Photos from our favorite European Historical City.

Check out Our Lisbon, Portugal Travel Photo Gallery:

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