Destination: The Richness of El Salvador

El Salvador vacation destination Central America

Of all of the Central American Countries that visitors flock to every year, the big destinations get all the attention: Cancun, Mazatlan, Ixtapa, etc. But what about those little gems that don’t get the attention they deserve? What about the little guys?

We were wondering the same thing ourselves, and wanted to spotlight the lesser-known destinations that rich in food, culture, and countryside. We decided to go with the smallest and least-known of Central American destinations — El Salvador.

Travel to El Salvador

Literally the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador is also the most densely populated. Even though the population density is higher than surrounding countries, the countrysides are vast, beautiful and relatively free from clutter or too much traffic. The land of El Salvador has been inhabited for centuries beginning with the Native American Pipil People. Locals lovingly refer to their proud country as Pulgarcito de America (The Tom Thumb of America), though the country’s long history of earthquakes and erupting volcanoes has also given the country the humorous title of “The Lighthouse of the Pacific,” as the Izalco Volcano became very active in the 1950s and and spewed lava into the sky, illuminating the ocean.

El Salvador Izalco Volcano

The Now-Dormant El Salvador Izalco Volcano

With its tropical climate, friendly local residents, oceanside luxury, and delicious Latin-American food, El Salvador is one of our favorite destinations that we have visited in recent years.

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