Destination: A Week in Malaysia

Malaysia Travel Guide --

Malaysia has a tendency to confuse some travelers, as the territories were fairly-recently brought together under the moniker of a federal constitutional monarchy. Not only is Malaysia made up of  what used to be seperate countries and/or territories, the two major land masses are also separated by the South China Sea. These two land masses are now known as Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo.

Malaysian Borneo Rainforest Jungle

Tropical Rainforest in Malaysian Borneo

Malaysia is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, outside of Tropical South America. The area is home unique flora, fauna, and marine animals, and the lush tropical forests have been used in many movies and travel documentaries because of its balance between modern architecture and untouched jungles.

Get all of the background for a trip to Malaysia with this informative Malaysian Tourism Guide, and then stick around to view our travel photo gallery of Malaysia:



Check Out Our Full Photo Gallery of Images From All Around Malaysia:

19 responses to “Destination: A Week in Malaysia

  1. These are really spectacular! Did you work on these in Photoshop or are they direct camera settings? Are you sharing these wonderful pictures? May others use them if they refer them back to your blog? I think these are good enough to be spread around… If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of camera were you using?

    • Thank you for liking the pictures. They were taken by several members of our staff on various kinds of equipment. They usually get a little bit of photoshop-ing before they are published. All rights are owned and reserved by us, citing us as the owners of the rights is acceptable.

  2. As usual, your post amazed me! Now I want to hop on a plane and visit Malaysia. My favourite pic you posted: the undersea landscape! So beautiful! Thanks for taking us to such an exotic locale without us actually going there!

  3. Those dumplings are perfection to the eye and the soup looks so delicious, Malaysian food is so interesting, especially Chinese Malaysian blend. Thanks fore the photos.

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