The Serenity of the Nova Scotia Coastline

Nova Scotia Travel Guide --

There are a lot of destinations around the world that we often fantasize about retiring-to, but Nova Scotia is truly the greatest and most serene place that one could choose for a retirement destination. Everything about Nova Scotia reminds visitors of the simpler times, when the majority of the Americas were still unexplored, rugged, and open.

Today, much of Nova Scotia still remains uninhabited, even though it is the second most densely-populated province of Canada, even though it is the second-smallest of the provinces. Most of the population remains in the larger cities, while the countryside and coastline are relatively free from human traffic.

Nova Scotia is almost completely surrounded by water on the “mainland,” but is also made up of over 3,800 coastal islands, making it a sea lovers paradise. The inland, however is made up of windswept plains, dunes, and bright green grasses, much like the coasts of Massachusetts and Maine.

Take a look at this tourism video of Nova Scotia to get a better idea of the great and peaceful beauty of this often forgotten travel destination:

Or take a look at our travel photo gallery from our travels to Nova Scotia:

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