The Colors of Taiwan

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If there ever is an island to travel to for an exotic vacation, Taiwan is the island. There are plenty of other islands in the world that you could spend your vacation at, but Taiwan offers a magical and unique experience that most other island nations in the world cannot offer.

The biggest factor that sets Taiwan apart from competing destinations is the melting pot of cultures that has formed in Taiwan in recent years. Technically, Taiwan is the Republic of China, a totally separate entity than the large country of China that most are familiar with. Taiwan and the Republic of China are constitutional republics — meaning that they have a constitution in-place, just like the United States, Monaco, and many other European Countries. Due to the freedoms offered under the constitution, many from other cultures and areas have moved to Taiwan, bringing their own influences to the overall culture of the country. In Taiwan, you can expect to see cuisine, art, and daily practices from Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, and other religions, making the Taiwan Experience a deep exploration of not just the island itself — but of the world.

Check out our featured gallery photos if Taiwan below:

41 responses to “The Colors of Taiwan

  1. I love visiting Taiwan whenever I get the chance! I have good excuse since all my relatives live there πŸ™‚ There are plenty of things to see and do, and I love going to the night markets. Your photos look gorgeous!

  2. I visited Taiwan only once and that was some 20 years ago. Taipei and its surrounds did not have that kind of ‘aura’ to lure me back but lately I saw some good reviews and photos from friends and now after reading your post here, YES, it will now be my next destination for an exotic vacation. Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful post.

  3. I am going to Taiwan this November. I saw quite a few pictures of Taroko National Park, which I will be visiting. Should be a very inspiring place.

  4. Holy moly, great photography. I lived in Taiwan once upon time, would love to go back and visit someday. Wasn’t the biggest fan of the food, but perhaps my tastes have evolved since then.

  5. Thanks for this lovely post – the photos are simply beautiful. I’m taking my partner there later this year, to visit my extended family. It will be his first visit there and I’m looking forward being a tourist myself.

  6. Taiwan is one of the countries that i want to visit but i’m too lazy to get a visa. Anyway, your fotos are lovely.

    And thank you for following my blog. Following you too coz i find the stories here interesting.

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