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Hawaii draws people from around the world with its sparkling beauty. Resting in the middle of the Pacific, miles from anywhere, its pristine environment and warm, inviting waters are the exemplar of what a tropical island should be. When you come to Hawaii, why would you want anything to clutter the view or distract you from it?

Modern Honolulu

The Modern Honolulu is much more than what you’d expect by being less. Following a minimalist philosophy, the hotel flows along clean lines and is cleansed of superfluous decorations and colors, allowing natural light and the views of surrounding Honolulu to pour in through the windows.

Whatever your taste or pleasure, there are rooms, suites and a penthouse to suit your needs. Whether you’d prefer city, ocean or yacht harbor views, there rooms available, each with over-sized windows to let the views spill in.

After you’re settled in, come relax by the sunrise or sunset pools. Each pool is as spectacular as the surrounding views. Come relax by the sunrise pool with the Pacific on one side and Waikiki on the other, and settle into the over-sized chaises, resting on top of a cool teak wood decking.

Hawaii travel hotel

After the sun goes down, the sunset pool is where you’ll want to relax. Ascend the Brazilian ipe staircase to the sunset pool, inlaid with handmade cobalt glass tiles and an inviting central lagoon. Surrounding the pool is 100 tons of sand from the surrounding islands, bringing the islands poolside.

When you’re ready to dine, you won’t want to go far with Morimoto Waikiki located in the resort itself. If the name sounds familiar, it should — that’s the Morimoto of Iron Chef fame. Expansive views of a fire and moonlit harbor backdrop the canvas of white, punctuated with limes and purples. It’s hard to find a more exciting place to dine. With an emphasis on exquisitely fresh, organic, quality ingredients, the dining experience is sure to please.

Then head over to one of the resort’s evening attractions. You’ll definitely want to visit The Study, the Modern Honolulu’s hidden lobby bar. Secluded behind a wall of books until 6 pm, when the bookcase rotates to reveal a hidden bar and lounge.

Hotel in Honolulu

If a nightclub is more your style, Addiction is the place you’ll want to head to. A favorite haunt of A-listers, Addiction is one of the premier nightclubs in Honolulu. Set underneath a ceiling of 40,000 lights, the atmosphere is electric. Don’t expect the service to suffer here, though. You’ll not be lost in the crowd; the attentiveness of the staff is as good here as it is throughout the rest of the resort.

Whatever your tastes are, the Modern Honolulu will surely cater to them. The grand vistas from your room will seduce you into the Aloha state of mind, while the service and amenities pamper your body and mind.

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