Extended Vacations: Living 6+ Months in Europe


Extended vacations are vacations longer than 3 weeks. These longer vacations are usually taken by business professionals working on contracts, but can be taken by anyone. The benefits of an extended vacation are numerous. In-fact, you can actually save money by planning an extended stay vacation, as you can get deals on lodging that drive down the rates per day.

Extended vacations, or holidays, are quite popular in Europe, where workers have a higher number of vacation days allotted to them than American workers. In-particular, France has the highest amount of properties, apartments and houses that can be rented by the week or by the month.

Provence vacation homes

In areas like Provence, France, you can even rent an entire 5 bedroom Farmhouse in the country for as little as 100 Euros per week. If that is too much space for you, you can always go with an apartment closer to Paris, or rent a single room of a large house. Imagine having your own apartment in Paris, just steps away from the Louvre, or an apartment balcony that looks out over the Parisian rooftops and on to Notre Dame. Not only are there plenty of spaces to rent, but they are really quite affordable, compared to some of the hotels in the same area.

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4 responses to “Extended Vacations: Living 6+ Months in Europe

  1. I love what you’ve done here with this blog! I’m excited to explore it some more! Thank you for stopping by my blog also…appreciate it 🙂

  2. As a budget traveler, I can’t afford to do anything fancy, and have to rely on teaching English to get by. Yet–I’ve spent 3+ weeks living in Bath, England; Valencia, Spain; Warsaw, Poland; and at the end of the summer, I’m moving to Lyon, France. I use each city as a jumping-off point, exploring nearby regions and countries. Living in a place is completely different than merely travelling there for a day or two. If you have and interest in travelling and a little of of money saved away, living abroad, if only for a couple of months at a time, is an amazing experience, and despite popular assumptions, it is completely do-able!

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