Room Service: Nebo Lodge in Maine

north haven maine restuarant

Maine is world-renowned for beautiful coastlines, cold weather, and hot comfort food. Nebo Lodge — located in Rockland on the Island of North Haven (About four hours out of Boston) — is the epitome of the Maine lifestyle. Relaxation is the key for Nebo Lodge, as the entire atmosphere of the island is easy-going and serene. The food also reflects this same relaxed approach.

More than just a bed and breakfast, Nebo Lodge offers both breakfast and dinner in your stay. A departure from traditional B&Bs, offering a supper to guests is a staple of New England culture, and sets Nebo apart from many other lodges.

Here is what you can expect from the hotel’s kitchen:


room service breakfast menu


nebo lodge dinner room service

In addition to the lodge’s kitchen, there are several other options available for guests and travelers:

nebo hotel and lodge bar

What sets the food at Nebo Lodge apart from any other lodging in the world, is that Nebo — being on a rural island — procures all of its fresh ingredients from local growers, fisherman, and harvesters. Every entree is literally grown on or around the island.

To contact Nebo Lodge, make reservations, or to receive more information on the island and the lodge, visit Nebo Lodge HERE.

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